Bigfoot Calls

On any given Bigfoot search on the internet, you can find hundreds of Bigfoot websites and articles on the legendary beast. In fact many of these sites, even claim to have actual vocal recordings of Bigfoot calls! Yes, Bigfoot calls, if the creature truly exists, then presumably it needs to communicate as well with its own kind. In fact, according to these numerous websites and Bigfoot researchers, they believe Bigfoot sounds to have various meanings, involving companionship/mating, caution, hunting, and general communications among themselves. Although most experts agree, the sounds are used for the most part often to remain hidden and safe from human intervention.

According to the “research” Bigfoot, sounds have been known to exist for well over a hundred years. Most descriptions of Bigfoot calls from the witnesses and bigfoot investigators range from whistles, haunting screams/wails, grunts, moans, whoops, and a sound to intense/extreme to even describe! Sasquatch sounds vary depending on the type of communication the beast is expressing. However, most reported Bigfoot calls consist typically of whistles, howls and shrieks similar to those of a typical mountain lion, but there also have been reports of Bigfoot’s imitating various forest sounds including various animals.

bigfoot callsAnother important form of communication that Bigfoot apparently seems to employ is called “tree knocking”. With tree knocking, Bigfoot is supposed to have been seen and heard knocking on trees with broken tree logs and large thick branches. It is believed, they use this to communicate long distances and to warn of approaching danger to the others. Bigfoot researchers have claimed to have engaged in two-way communication with Bigfoot’s utilizing this method. Having said that, this form of communication and not to mention Bigfoot hasn’t been proven beyond a shadow of doubt yet.

Most of the recordings have been captured by Bigfoot hunters/researchers, who utilize powerful audio recorders as standard equipment, as part as their Sasquatch hunting trips. Though most recordings can be accounted for in the form of common birds/animals and or mechanical devices, there have been some sounds that have been said to be “unexplained for”.

“Scream returns” are when Bigfoot Researchers/Hunters who have alleged recordings of Bigfoot calls play them into the wild, hoping to get other Bigfoots to respond back to them.