Bigfoot Monsters

“Bigfoot Monsters” as some have called them, appear for the majority of the time, exactly the way individuals who have seen the beast in many different parts of North America have described it. Most Bigfoot/Sasquatch eyewitnesses have described this mostly nocturnal creature as being 7-10 feet tall; most depict it as an ape or human like bipedal creature with exceptionally large broad shoulders and possessing a strong overall build.

The Bigfoot’s body is typically covered in short (at times long) shaggy fur, which is dark brown to reddish brown in color (Depending on the location and type of bigfoot) some have also stated that the creature has silver fur as well, but is very uncommon.

Bigfoot has large eyes with a pronounced brow with a large protruding low set forehead and some say it is crested and rounded. Due to the large foot prints that have been discovered, the name Bigfoot was given to the elusive creature.

Bigfoot MonstersThese foot prints that are discovered on the average measured around 15 to 20 inches and sometimes more in length which comprise of five toes as well as a double muscle ball and wide foot arches. Most individuals that have had a Bigfoot close encounter stated that the creature gives off a foul smell, in particular the Skunk Ape, hence the name.

Most sightings that have been reported are during the evening which makes them nocturnal creatures, although there have been many daylight sightings as well. The eyewitnesses have all stated that these hairy apes like creatures give off an alarming high pitched shriek or whistle and some even give off a low pitched squealing or guttural grunt. However scientists still have no evidence these sounds come from the Bigfoot and blame other common wilderness animals for the sounds.

There are also various theories about the creature’s diet and many anthropologists state that the Bigfoot is an omnivore although this still remains a matter of diverse opinion even in spite of the many different observers’ opinions. The Bigfoot is considered to be mainly vegetarian and an opportunistic carnivore. Just going by most people’s descriptions of Bigfoot and Bigfoot encounters yes he would seem like a monster roaming the woodlands of the world. However any type of real violence perpetrated by an alleged Bigfoot is very rare incident according to the majority of Bigfoot researchers. Whether Bigfoot is real or not the majority of native Indians consider Bigfoot not a monster but protector of the forest it dwells in.