My name is Jimbo and I love the paranormal. I don’t know how you feel about ghost, whoopie cushions, and outer space but I find them all fascinating. Who doesn’t want to learn more about UFOs I have been a paranormal fanatic since childhood! My favorite topics in this field are ghosts, bigfoot, aliens, and ghost-hunters–spooky stuff that always leaves me feeling amused or scared (in a good way).

Here is my site if you would like to learn more about what I have learned. Find out how to order a video or some kind of eBook/hardcover. You can also check out the haunted places in my state of NYC. I post to my site regularly on different paranormal topics as well as Best Paranormal Websites. I will always be interested in learning new things about the world of the paranormal and UFO’s as well as sharing with others what I have learned and seen over the years. I also like to stay in tune with what’s happening in the paranormal community. The stories and rumors I read make my hair stand on end. There are few paranormal sites that I follow regularly. Check them weekly for all that is most current regarding ghosts, aliens, and unexplained activity.