Ape Island

Some Bigfoot (aka Sasquatch/Yeti) researchers believe the Mysterious Ape Island, In the Pacific Northwest, may actually hold the missing clues to unraveling the elusive mystery of the legendary Sasquatch.

Recently profiled and investigated by the show MonsterQuest, Vancouver Island is a densely forested landmass located about 70 miles northwest of Seattle, Washington. The island is divided from Canada’s mainland by water and is a well-liked destination for hikers, hunters, and quite possibly something terrifying and elusive to humans. The population of about 750,000.

Vancouver Island Facts:

  • Length from North to South: 460 kilometers (286 miles)
  • Width from East to West: 50 – 80 kilometers (31 – 50 miles)
  • Area: 31,284 square kilometers (12,076 square miles)
  • Length of coastline: 3,440 kilometers (2,136 miles)

Ape Island . Vancouver island .Natives told tales to their children of an ape-like beast to be feared that would steal them should they venture into the forest. Were these merely protective stories from parents to their children or based on actual happenings. More than just stories of a bogeyman, recent eyewitnesses tell equally shocking stories of an ape-like monster that attacks people as they sleep in their homes and tents. In addition, these eyewitnesses have reported viewing these creatures searching for clams and devouring fish on the coastline.

The MonsterQuest expedition team follows up these reports, launches their own Bigfoot hunt, and finds that recent scientific discoveries of swimming apes could lead them to their most astounding discovery yet to date, the Bigfoot! The big question is if apes swim does that mean the elusive Bigfoot does as well in the hunt for food and proper shelter.

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  1. One thing for sure they are not apes. There foot prints show that and their size are different. At least the one I seen in Campbell River was. It crossed in front of us 3 steps to cross a 32″ roadway. Miss identifying it will never get the truth out.


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