Backyard Bigfoot

An ape-like beast that resembles the mythical creature Bigfoot is inducing fervor on the net after being allegedly photographed in the back garden of a home in KY.  A man in KY caught a mystifying image on a hidden hunting camera he assembled in his backyard to get snapshots of passing wildlife.

While thumbing through pictures of birds and deer’s, Kenny Mahoney discovered a dark, humanoid like animal that doesn’t look like any of the southern United States state’s known native species. As one would assume Kenny was mystified by this mysterious humanoid figure and proceeded to investigate.

Backyard BigfootKenny has said he doesn’t know what it was, but has acknowledged it left some really “Big Foot prints“. Mr. Mahoney, or Jefferson County, said he’s very doubtful that the creature in the photo is Sasquatch. His wife Margaret has sent the picture to a wildlife expert in the hope of getting it identified further.

Well unfortunately for the Bigfoot investigators out there the search continues, this is just another case of animal misidentification. The ambiguous looking subject in the Bigfoot photograph is actually a bird landing photographed by the trail camera. This has been confirmed by numerous Bigfoot researchers and even by the paranormal show Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files. They all came to the same conclusion it’s a bird landing in front of the camera with his wings tucked in giving the appearance of a possible Bigfoot type creature.

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