Beast of Bray Road

The Beast of Bray Road or the Bray Road Beast (Wolfman of Bray Road) as it is known is a werewolf that is located in Wisconsin. People that live in Walworth County, Wisconsin have been said to have witnessed this wolf and it has become part of the folklore of this area. The wolf was named after the road that it was first seen on. The locals even sent a reporter out to interview witnesses and look for the werewolf. The locals claim that the wolf has been killing pets and livestock in their area for years, but with no official investigation, this is just believed to be folklore. These mutilated animals prove that something is feeding on the animals. Some people believe that this is a bigfoot, while others think it is something else… The sightings started back in 1936 and have continued all the way up to the present.

Beast of Bray RoadThe Beast of Bray Road is often described as being between 6 and 7 feet tall with a human body. The creature is covered with hair and has a muscular build. The head has been described as looking like a wolf or a bear. In certain accounts, the creature has been said to walk upright like a man, and it even has a gait that is consistent with this. The creature has often been described as being over 7 feet tall, in others it is said to be 5 feet tall, and also has been reported as being up to 8 feet tall. The descriptions of its coat have also changed over time. In one account the wolf was covered in hair from head to toe with no distinguishable features between each hair. In another report, the wolf had long brown, black, and white fur all over its body including its stomach.

The creature has been reported as having extremely bright yellow-green eyes and a smile that exposes two large canines in the upper row of teeth. Eye color is also subject to change depending on the witness, one report stated that its eyes were a yellowish-green, another said they were solid green with no pupil, and a third reported that they were solid orange with no visible iris or pupils at all. The creature has been known to leave behind large tracks that don’t resemble any animal known to inhabit the area, including dogs, wolves, or bears. Some people believe that it is a wolf while others think it’s an escaped cougar or black bear. However, there are some who believe that it is an alien creature from outer space or a government experiment gone wrong.

There have been several investigators that have come out to Walworth County and surrounding areas to try to spot this best. Some say that this creature is just folklore and was made up to get the town’s attention. Others say that the creature is just a huge black bear that lives in the area. There has been no solid evidence to either confirm or deny the existence of the Beast of Bray Road.

In conclusion, the Beast of Bray Road if it does exist, is a true enigma for not just the residents of Walworth County but to the entire country. The stories that have been passed down over time are so incredible that one would not believe it if they did not hear them. It was because of this story and others like it that interest in Cryptozoology has grown throughout our culture.


  • The beast has been observed walking on two legs in reported sightings and is capable of running with great agility.
  • Some witnesses have said that this beast runs on all fours and can jump high.
  • One theory on the origin of the Beast of Bray Road is that it is actually a Skinwalker. The legend says that if you see one, it will put a curse on you or even try to take your life.
  • Another theory is not an animal or an animal hybrid, but a supernatural being of some kind.
  • This creature has been reported by countless people, but there has yet to be any sort of proof to show that this thing really exists or what exactly it is.
There have been several mutilated animals remains found near Bray Road. These remains looked like something large has gotten to them. There have seen sightings of a wolf-like creature near the road where these remains have been found. 

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