Bigfoot Drawing

How To Draw Bigfoot/Sasquatch

The Bigfoot legend is quite common among lovers of books, movies, series, and comics that portray mystical creatures with superhuman abilities. Also known as Sasquatch, Hairy Man; Bigfoot is a crypto-zoological being that lives somewhere in the Pacific Northwest.

This is a seven easy-step by step tutorial to help you draw Bigfoot in all his glory. Having a better understanding of each step will ensure that you get a more realistic drawing. Let us get started drawing this magnificent elusive creature.

Step 1: Start with the torso

Draw the torso of your Bigfoot using two curved vertical lines and two horizontal lines connecting. Use a 33/4 drawing scale when drawing the torso so that the right view facing the audience is bigger than the left view.

You can then go ahead to divide the torso using two horizontal lines. The first horizontal line will highlight the collar bone region, while the second highlights the rib cage. Proceed to draw a vertical line starting at the top to the bottom, thus dividing the chest.

Understand that the right pectoral muscle should be bigger than the left according to the scale that we are using. Finally, draw a circle on the upper right of the torso and at the top of the torso. These circles should help us create a base for the right arm and head, respectively.

Step 2: Draw the pelvic area and abdomen

It would help if you drew the abdomen using two curved horizontal lines and two curved vertical lines. Connecting the lines to our already drawn torso gets you a clear base for the legs. Draw a short underwear or speedo for the pelvis area and hips.

Step 3: Draw the legs

We need to draw the right leg slightly in front of the left leg. Start by drawing a big tube that gets smaller when you approach the knees. It should then expand out at the knees and reduce gradually as you approach the ankle. Proceed to draw the feet which are human-like only bigger. Complete the legs by adding two horizontal lines on the knee of both legs. Draw a circle within the knees to get you a more realistic look.

Step 4: Draw the arms

Since we are using a ¾ scale, the right arm needs to be bigger than the left. Start big and gradually curve in once you get to the upper arm. Extend them out slightly and reduce once you approach the wrist. Ensure that you finish off by drawing clenched hands to illustrate that Bigfoot is carrying something. Draw lines to depict triceps and biceps.

Step 5: Draw the head

Draw an oval shape to create the base of our monster’s head. A medium-size description should work fine in our case. Draw a horizontal and vertical line within the head. These should help you get the facial details correctly.

Step 6: Draw body hair

We need to draw the hair strains that cover Bigfoot’s entire body. Start by creating a pattern of hair strains consisting of curved lines following the body contour. Consider placing a few single strains to help get your drawing a more believable and organic look.

Step 7: Draw the final line art

Fade out our dummy image and use what’s left to draw the final art. Understand that the dummy shouldn’t interfere with our final finish. Focus your attention on the shoulder and head areas. The other body parts need less detail with fewer contrast and lines.

In Conclusion

Drawing Bigfoot/Sasquatch is rather simple when you follow this simple step by step tutorial. Mastering every element ensures that you have a masterpiece drawing/Bigfoot illustration at the end. Bigfoot art/sketches can be a fun and wholesome activity for everyone of all age groups; including mom and dad!

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