Bigfoot Feet

How Big are Bigfoot Feet? Hairy, scary (Harry from Harry and the Hendersons excluded), and big. Those are just some of the characteristics that can be agreed upon regarding our massive elusive hominid friend. Bigfoot has certainly earned his place in American Culture, regardless of whether you’re a believer or not. There is some very interesting evidence of his existence, however, admittedly, most of it is hotly debated. One of the most convincing pieces of proof being the many found Bigfoot footprints. Because of this, one of the most common questions asked about our Giant human/ape-like Pacific Northwest neighbor is how big are Bigfoot feet? Keep reading to learn all you need to know about the massively big feet of Sasquatches’ American counterpart.

The History of the Bigfoot Footprint:

Although the stories of Sasquatch (the common name used in American Indian mythology) have been around for a very, very long time, the first instance of supposed Bigfoot evidence was found in 1958. Road crew workers in California found footprints that were human-like but measured an amazing 16 inches in length. Unfortunately, this example was found to be a hoax back in 2002. There have been many many other prints found (like 100s), and they were photographed, measured, and cast in plaster, with most of those plasters still around today.

What are Bigfoot’s Feet Like?

Bigfoot’s feet, like the rest of him, differ from eyewitness report to eyewitness report. Some say a Bigfoot’s feet are very large and wide, some say they are smaller than that of an average person, and there is even a third camp that asserts the feet are more like human sized feet. In most of cases, however, Sasquatch’s shoes (or no shoes) are typically described as being “very large.”

The Anatomy of a Bigfoot Foot:

It is generally accepted that Bigfoot has a 12 to 22-inch foot, that their feet are flat, and that they have around three times the surface space of a human foot. The toes are said to be short, stubby, and squared. Judging by the depth of the impressions the weight has been estimated to be anywhere from 300 pounds to a half-ton. These specs would actually support the description of Bigfoot – standing at 8 to 9 feet tall (sometimes taller), with a thick and stocky, muscular build. The shape of the foot would be more able to distribute the weight better than if they had our feet, hence the subtle but specific differences in form.

While the footprints are not exactly solid proof, even the strongest skeptic must admit, they are quite intriguing. According to the experts, some of the areas and places that these footprints have been found, are not exactly easy for the average hoaxer to traverse or get to. That’s not to say they are all the real thing but interesting, nonetheless. When added to other compelling evidence, such as the uber-famous Patterson film, it makes quite the case. After all, would it not be quite arrogant of us to think we know everything there is to know about the world and those that exist alongside us. Just because we don’t see something (if you dispute the evidence available) does not mean that it is not real. Maybe they simply don’t want to interact with us, we are destroying their habitat little by little after all, or maybe they just aren’t ‘people people’…err cryptids. Who knows, but if he/they are out there somewhere, with all of the technology available to us today, we are bound to prove it, at least someday. Maybe.

On average, Bigfoot’s feet are quite a bit larger than that of a common human’s. The average length of a normal human foot is usually around 9 inches in America. The average width of an American foot is around 3.5 inches at the ball and 4 inches at the heel (great for kicking). On average, however, Sasquatches’ feet measure in at about 10-20 inches long and over 5 inches wide at their widest point.

Interesting Footprint Clues to Bigfoot

*Dermal ridges (essentially finger prints) appear in many bigfoot footprints. When we see dermal ridges, it is usually another sign of human or primate ancestry as compared to the fuzzy toe prints found in horses, dogs, etc.
*The most common bigfoot print size that most people have heard of or seen pictures of are the 16 inch big foot casts, however, these are usually hoaxes or misidentified animals (like bear) in areas thought to be places where Sasquatches live.
*Most cast bigfoot prints found have been in the 9-13 inch range.
*If you are to assume that the average size of a human foot is 10 inches, this would make Bigfoot’s feet about twice as long as our own.
*Bigfoot footprint photos usually show marks in the outer edges that appear to be due to bone structure (possibly ankle), heel, and possibly toes.
*Most big foot casts and prints show a “heel” more so than other primates.

In conclusion:

The question of how big are Bigfoot Feet is a very common one that has no definitive answer. Even though most of us envision a 12-14 foot tall lumbering ape-like beast as our stereotypical Bigfoot, this is not the case. According to the eyewitness accounts and numerous anecdotal sightings, Bigfoot is generally described as a large human like bipedal ape (although the giant ape theory), and grows to heights of anywhere from 6 to 10 feet tall. The males tend to be much larger (the silverback gorilla being their closest hominid relative), but in all cases, the average height for a full grown adult male Sasquatch is approximately 8 to 9 feet tall. 


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