Bigfoot Monsters

“Bigfoot Monsters” as some have called them, appear for the majority of the time, exactly the way individuals who have seen the beast in many different parts of North America have described it. Most Bigfoot/Sasquatch eyewitnesses have described this mostly nocturnal creature as being 7-10 feet tall; most depict it as an ape or human like bipedal creature with exceptionally large broad shoulders and possessing a strong overall build.

The Bigfoot’s body is typically covered in short (at times long) shaggy fur, which is dark brown to reddish brown in color (Depending on the location and type of bigfoot) some have also stated that the creature has silver fur as well, but is very uncommon.

Bigfoot has large eyes with a pronounced brow with a large protruding low set forehead and some say it is crested and rounded. Due to the large foot prints that have been discovered, the name Bigfoot was given to the elusive creature.

Bigfoot MonstersThese foot prints that are discovered on the average measured around 15 to 20 inches and sometimes more in length which comprise of five toes as well as a double muscle ball and wide foot arches. Most individuals that have had a Bigfoot close encounter stated that the creature gives off a foul smell, in particular the Skunk Ape, hence the name.

Most sightings that have been reported are during the evening which makes them nocturnal creatures, although there have been many daylight sightings as well. The eyewitnesses have all stated that these hairy apes like creatures give off an alarming high pitched shriek or whistle and some even give off a low pitched squealing or guttural grunt. However scientists still have no evidence these sounds come from the Bigfoot and blame other common wilderness animals for the sounds.

There are also various theories about the creature’s diet and many anthropologists state that the Bigfoot is an omnivore although this still remains a matter of diverse opinion even in spite of the many different observers’ opinions. The Bigfoot is considered to be mainly vegetarian and an opportunistic carnivore. Just going by most people’s descriptions of Bigfoot and Bigfoot encounters yes he would seem like a monster roaming the woodlands of the world. However any type of real violence perpetrated by an alleged Bigfoot is very rare incident according to the majority of Bigfoot researchers. Whether Bigfoot is real or not the majority of native Indians consider Bigfoot not a monster but protector of the forest it dwells in.

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  1. I’m from amite Mississippi an a couple years ago me an my grandpa was riding his golf cart in the pastor an we saw a huge something bout 100 yards or so away. It had a grayish color. But it was really big an tall standing on two legs like a human an its like he Just laid down in the tall grass an that was it. We went over there an nothing was to be found. It’s like it Just disappeared.

    • The overwhelming majority of scientists will tell you that Bigfoot does not exist. Most scientists think Bigfoot is nothing more than a myth and a legend perpetuated by tall tales, mistakes, and hoaxes.

  2. he is not real it is just somebody dressed up as him!!!!!
    people want more attention. think about it ppl has seen him in different areas.

  3. I Don’t Know, i believe in Bigfoot 50/50 i doubt Bigfoot because i ask myself, how the hell did Bigfoot come to North America? Did he walk here? Did he take a bus here? Did he take a train here? Did he take an airplane here? But with what passport tho?! LMFAOO!!! Anyways it’s really hard 2 believe, researchers with great knowledge haven’t cracked this case. Is Bigfoot really that smart? It doesn’t really make any sense. Hoaxes have proven all these Bigfoot encounters & foot prints are false. I know really hard to believe. That video for me is really a BIG question to myself, is it real or fake know one really knows Roger Patterson took that answer with him to his grave. I agree with the comments before me. Is Bigfoot real? No one really knows, it’s a question that might never be answered, the so called Legend Bigfoot. I wonder what Bigfoot is doing at this very moment……..

  4. Bigfoot may be real as of my opinion. My grandpa said about bigfoot when I was in my 5th standard. I think they are real.

  5. If Bigfoot is real, I think it is best if we humans just leave his specie alone. With the very few evidence of the existence of this creature, it only shows that Bigfoot is trying to stay hidden from the prying human nature. As long as his specie does not hurt anyone or cause any damage then we should just focus our efforts in something more worthwhile.

  6. I also believe in such an animal to be in existence. Our planet is a mysterious place. Many things are still to be discovered and yes Bigfoot too. In Nepal also it is believed that the same creature but named as ‘Yeti’ moves around the himalayan region. It is believed that the creature is in existence and found to be roaming around ‘The Everest’.

  7. I am not from a Western country but i believe in things like bigfoot. Some places in our planet are not yet explored. Maybe bigfoot really does exist but doesn’t want to make known.

  8. I’ve heard several rumors about Bigfoot and monsters I’ve read some stories and saw some pictures, I don’t doubt that Bigfoot exist this world is so vast and we don’t know what might be hidden in it.

  9. since from childhood i heard stories about bigfoot!it may or not exist but lets assume there is no smoke without fire so i believe it used to be exist then.

  10. Is it Bigfoot is one of the monkeys species?
    Before, i think bigfoot is just a fairy tale.

    Good articles…..

  11. Indigenous folklore of the Pacific Northwest told of cannibalistic hairy men and giants who roamed the great forests and mountains of the region, abducting children in the dead of night and sabotaging the salmon-catching nets of local fishermen. America’s interest in Sasquatch — later to become known as Bigfoot — grew after stories of its existence were serialized in newspapers at the turn of the 20th century.

  12. If Sasquatch is real, i feel it’s best if we tend to humans simply leave his kind alone. With the only a few proof of the existence of this creature, it solely shows that Sasquatch is making an attempt to remain hidden from the prying attribute. As long as his mintage doesn’t hurt anyone or cause any injury then we must always simply focus our efforts in one thing additional worthy.

  13. I think big foot really exists. There are so many things science is unaware about like as YETI which exists but haven’t found yet in real.

  14. Bigfoot’s were the ancestors of the wildlife that lives in the jungle before 16th century of the era. They relay on the forest natural fruits and vegetables to sustain their lives in this world. Their habitat/home is the forest.

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