Bigfoot Names

Described as an ape-like creature covered with fur and walks like a man would (bipedal), bigfoot creatures have played a main role in many myths and legends for hundreds of years. Bigfoot is a commonly known legend that has been investigated for over 50 years in the U.S. Claimed sightings are mostly in the Northwest of the U.S. but sightings have been recorded all over the country. Sightings, unclear photos, and the mysterious big foot prints are the only evidence that has been recorded for Bigfoot, but people are currently still searching for answers.

The word “sasquatch” is commonly used when referring to a bigfoot creature or a bigfoot itself. The term originated from the Halkomelem Indian Language of British Columbia. The term means “hairy man.” In other areas of Canada, bigfoot creatures are referred to as the Old Man, Skookum, or Nimikiimis (native American monster). In Northern California, the creature is known as Pahklemahk. Other terms include: Hulk, Yeren, Magi and Almasty in Siberia and the Himalayas. Bigfoot is also referred to as an ape-like giant that lives in the wilderness and has a special interest for fish or meat.

BigfootThere are many theories that have been developed regarding the possible existence of the bigfoot creature. One theory is that bigfoot is not human but rather an ape-like creature. The other theory is that it is a species of ape or gorilla that has somehow evolved and adapted to living in the wilderness. Another theory suggests that Bigfoot is a descendant of a previously unknown species from Asia. This new species became separated from others when the land bridge between Asia and North America became extinct during the last ice age.

Another unknown theory suggests that bigfoot isn’t an animal and never was. This theory states that a race of sentient beings, possibly shape-shifting lizards, live on Earth today. These beings are the long-lost reptilian aliens known as the Anunnaki or Reptilians. The Anunnaki once ruled Earth thousands of years ago but lost the planet to the Annunaki (the human race) after a war. The Annunaki called themselves Nephilim, translated from hebrew meaning “fallen ones,” “those who fell” or “those who fell down.” Nephilim means giant or giant-like creature in hebrew (which is also called Goa’uld in other languages). The Nephilim (or Goa’uld) are shape-shifting reptilians that have always lived on Earth, and their population is estimated to be around one billion. Nephilim can imitate human appearance as well as many other creatures like Bigfoot.

There are many different theories regarding bigfoot sightings. One theory is that they are actually bears that look like we think of a Sasquatch. Other theories suggest that it might be an alien creature or even Martians [and aliens]. Or maybe it’s just a hoax or a stunt intended to make money off the public’s curiosity about the unknown. Perhaps some people just want to get famous for being “sasquatch hunters.”

It is believed that bigfoot has been roaming North America for thousands of years, but the first known sightings of the creature can be traced back to the early 1900s. It is widely believed that Bigfoot is a survival of an ancient species from Asia. The American Indians even had a legend about a Sasquatch which some sources say was similar to their legends about the Yeti or Bigfoot in Asia. There are even reports that have existed from as early as 500 AD. In fact, there is even an ancient Chinese historical account called the Yeren, which roughly translates to “Wildman.” There are many sightings in almost every part of the world. The creatures are described with various features, height, and weight. Some have even been seen to run as fast as a car and jump over forested areas.

The creature is usually described as a large ape-like creature that walks upright on two feet. There have also been reports that say he was covered in red hair with a brown or black mane down his back. Even more reports say the creature is covered with black hair and has large lips and brows. There are many different theories about Bigfoot’s appearance. Some people believe that he is just an ape or a relative of man, while others claim that he is a human-like creature who stands upright with opposable thumbs.

There have been many reported sightings in the Pacific Northwest part of the United States such as Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho and South West Canada. This area is called Sasquatch Country by bigfoot believers where they say that Bigfoot has lived on the continent for centuries.


Bigfoot Has Many Names…
Native American tribes have described Bigfoot or something like Bigfoot in their legends for hundreds of years and have passed them down for generations.
For the purpose of this article, all of these names are to be used as they exist today. But, there is a possibility that these names have changed over the years and that some are not actually Native American but just terms of ‘Bigfoot’. Also, there is a possibility that these names have been given to Big Foot by locals who considered themselves Native American. Some of these Native American tribe names for Bigfoot include:

Native American Names For Bigfoot

• Chiha-Tanka (Sioux) – name meaning “Big Elder Brother”
• Kecleh-Kudleh (Cherokee) – name meaning “Hairy Savage”
• Atahsaia (Zuni) – name meaning “The Cannibal Demon”
• Yé’iitsoh (Navajo) – name meaning “Big God”
• Iktomi (Plains) – name meaning “The Trickster”
• Choanito (Wenatchee) – name meaning “Night People”
• Esti Capcaki (Seminole) – name meaning “Tall Man”
• Ge no sqwa (Seneca) – name meaning “Stone Giants”
• Hecaitomixw (Quinault) – name meaning “Dangerous Being”
• Neginla eh (Yukon) – name meaning “Wood Man”
• Oh Mah (Hoopa) – name meaning “Boss of the Woods”
• Sasahevas (Salish) – name meaning “Wild Man of the Woods”
• Toylona (Taos) – name meaning “Big Person”
• Yayaya-ash (Klamath) – name meaning “The Frightener”
• Mesingw (Lenni Lenape) – name meaning “The Mask Being”
• Na’in (Gwich’in) – name meaning “Brushman”
• Skookum (Chinook) – name meaning “Evil God of the Woods”
• Ste ye mah (Yakama) – name meaning “Spirit Hidden by Woods”
• Yi’ dyi’tay (Tillamook) – name meaning “Wild Man”
• Kushtaka (Tlingit) – name meaning “Otter Man”
• Miitiipi (Kawaiisu) – name meaning “Bad Luck or Disaster”
• Madukarahat (Karok) – name meaning “Giant”
• Ot ne yar heh (Iroquois) – name meaning “Stonish Giant”
• See’atco (Coast Salish) – name meaning “One Who Runs and Hides”
• Tsiatko (Nisqually) – name meaning “Wild Indians”
• Tso apittse (Shoshone) – name meaning “Cannibal Giant”
• Wetiko (Cree) – name meaning N/A
• Sc’wen’ey’ti (Spokane) – name meaning “Tall Burnt Hair”

Around the world & mostly in the United States Bigfoot also has been called these names:

  • Bigfoot
  • Sasquatch
  • Yeti
  • Yowie
  • Skunk Ape
  • The Grassman
  • Mapinguari
  • Yeren
  • Wendigo
  • Almas
  • Tree Men
  • Big Man
  • Chewbacca
  • Ape Man
  • Yellow Top
  • Windigo
  • Squatch
  • Mo Mo
It’s crazy to think that a well-known, real life creature of the unknown is hiding out in the woods. The legend of Bigfoot stems from Native Americans who tell stories of an ape-like creature that climbs trees and listens for them at night. They describe it as a smelly hairy, muscular man-like creature with huge feet and its overall massive size. This story has been passed down for centuries and people have believed in Bigfoot since then. There are countless legends and stories from all over the United States about a creature people call Sasquatch.

As you can see, Bigfoot has been called many things over the years. It’s interesting to know that many people have claimed to have spotted Bigfoot and a lot of Native American tribes all over the U.S. have a Bigfoot like creature staring in their legends as well. More evidence may be needed to convince you of Bigfoot’s existence, or you may already believe in the ape shaped man beast.

Whatever name you may call the famous and mysterious Bigfoot and whether you believe he actually exists or not is up to you. You can’t deny that there must be something out there that all of these people have claimed to see, and even people who have passed down legends to generations for hundreds of years.

Some people say that Bigfoot is a descendant of Gigantopithecus, the giant ape from long ago. Could it be possible that Bigfoot is a surviving species of this ancient creature that we haven’t found yet? Did an alien presence come to Earth and genetically engineer this creature? Or could it be something much more dangerous than any of these theories might state?

Whatever Bigfoot may or may not be, he has been seen by hundreds of different people all over the world. He’s been spotted in different locations on six continents around the world. There are many pictures and videos taken by people who have claimed to witness this mysterious monster roaming in various areas both in daylight and nighttime.

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