Bigfoot The Legend

Folklore speaks of several different kinds of monsters. Some creatures are believed to be true while others are believed to be made up, figments of the imagination. Regardless of if these wild creatures are hearsay or not, there is one of these beings that stands out more than others. And that title belongs to the monster known as Bigfoot. The legendary Bigfoot has a long history and reputation as a wild creature that some have claim to have seen. So many stories exist about this strange being. The story and the legend of Bigfoot is over a century old.

Bigfoot has been called many names over the years. “Wild Man” or “Hairy Man” are names associated with Bigfoot. In Canada for instance the wild creature is sometimes titled Sasquatch. It is said that this creature lives deep in the forests of the North American continent. The creature has been described as having a body similar to an ape. Scientists have long alleged the Bigfoot existence to be simply a creature in storytelling. But several cultural groups throughout history, hunters, campers and loggers have all claimed to have alleged sightings of this mystical creature time after time again.

Bigfoot is said to be quite large in stance and size. Typically, these creatures are stated to be as tall as nine feet however there have been reports of even 12 feet ones. Thankfully the reports of 12 feet tall Sasquatch’s are very rare although horrifying nonetheless. Some are shorter though reaching only six feet; just like human beings they range in height. The creature is alleged to be typically dark colored. Black or dark brown are the common colors. Though some say Bigfoot can be a dark reddish hue. The creature is covered in hair. The creature is also strong with a muscular powerful build. There are also reports of Bigfoot having what appears to be claws.

Most sightings of this creature have been noted to occur in the Pacific Northwest. Other areas like around the Great Lakes have been known to be a home for these creatures. Some have spotted what they believe to be Bigfoot in areas in the forests of the southeastern part of the United States. This creature is largely home to the United States and Canada. However, origins from over a century ago tell of a man like creature who was hairy and ape-like that existed in Europe. In actuality, its been spotted across the world.

During the 1970’s, the FBI got involved in investigating these alleged bigfoot sightings. Findings of hair and a track of footprints in Northern California led to this investigation. During the sixties, video footage was released of an alleged recording of Bigfoot. Not much came from the video but it did spark interest amongst Bigfoot believers. The FBI was not able to find sufficient evidence to support a further investigation into the Bigfoot phenomenon. The file regarding the Bigfoot hairs was later declassified many decades later. The FBI is not alone in its search for information regarding this captivating creature. Individuals since the 1800s have been researching and documenting information about Bigfoot.

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