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Bigfoot, also widely known as the Sasquatch or Yeti, is an alleged gorilla/ape-like creature purportedly inhabiting the forests primarily in the Pacific Northwest region of North America, among other areas throughout the world. Bigfoot is typically described as a huge, long-haired, bipedal humanoid creature. Even though the creature still remains elusive and yet undiscovered by modern science, many eyewitnesses and Bigfoot/Sasquatch researchers claim to have seen it and to even have possession of evidence of its existence.

The Bigfoot/Sasquatch evidence up to date has been in the form of various alleged biological remains, eyewitness accounts, Bigfoot footprints and various Bigfoot pictures, recordings and video. To nonbelievers and various scientists, this “evidence” is in reality a cultural phenomenon kept going throughout the years through a mixture of the misidentification of well-known animals, pipe-dreams, unexplained/misinterpreted data and the intentional fabrication of proof to fool people.

Bigfoot-VideoOf out of all the evidence available on Bigfoot and similar cryptids, the most compelling and controversial seems to be the alleged pictures and Bigfoot videos that have been recorded over the years. Problematically, typically these pictures and videos taken of the Sasquatch are usually blurry and from a distance, making details hard to pinpoint.

Though, throughout the years there has been some fairly good quality Bigfoot video taken from various locations from different people. It’s not conclusive evidence, but it sure is compelling and thought provoking. Many within the Bigfoot community feel that until we have a captured Bigfoot or dead body it’s not going to matter how much evidence is brought to the mainstream scientific communities.

Some Of The Most Famous Bigfoot Videos Have Been:

  • The Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot Video– There have been many other Bigfoot videos submitted to date as “evidence”, but none have ever reached the notoriety of the first Bigfoot video that stunned the world. The most renowned and discussed Bigfoot video of all time. It was filmed in 1967 at Bluff Creek, California by Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin. This Bigfoot video has been greatly studied and debunked by some, but remains today as potentially, the best proof of Bigfoot’s existence.
  • The Paul Freeman Bigfoot Video– Paul worked for a local watershed district, he was able to carry a video recorder and capture this famous Bigfoot video in 1994.
  • Manitoba Bigfoot Video– Bobby Clarke filmed this well-known Bigfoot video in 2005 in Manitoba, Canada.
  • The Memorial Day Bigfoot Video– Lori and Owen Pate filmed this famous Bigfoot video at Chopaka Lake, Washington. The video shows what looks like a Bigfoot running across a huge field.

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    • Hi Erika! That’s an interesting idea you have there, I can tell you Erika that many people in fact have a theory related to yours. Instead of it being a deformed gorilla, they think it’s a descendant of a great ape from the past called Gigantopithecus (in Greek, gigantas meaning “giant” and pithecus meaning “ape”).

  1. I think bigfoot is a very mysterious creature in the world from the facts that no clear evidence or scientifically proof of its existence. Although some had claimed that it was seen and being filmed, but until today there is no clear evidence yet of its appearance.

  2. Well with a lot of proofs I think bigfoot really exists, I don`t think they forged the videos. I have to say thanks for this site i really reallly like it

  3. This is interesting , but i fail to believe that The BigFoot is for real,
    How is it possible that the whole world has been searching but never found any physical evidence, i have some pics of MERMAIDS , and believe me ud think they were real too i can scan and send em to u if u like erica…
    But i really appreciate the effort u have put into this Project

  4. i never been seen this creature, only in movie, internet and i dunno if it is real. Sometimes I’m confused of some creature that are so big compare with the human… are they exist?. I hope im not just dreaming’ all about this… someday i will just shock that all this are true, thanks with this post

  5. I have watched many movies about bigfoot and find it rather interesting. Nobody knows for sure whether it is real or not. It will be great if they catch a real bigfoot one day.

  6. These are all good clips! The Patterson footage still is in my opinion the best Bigfoot video recorded. Good article!


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