Bluff Creek Bigfoot

The Bluff Creek area in California is known for its beautiful scenery, but it’s even known more worldwide for alleged bluff creek Bigfoot! Bluff Creek feeds in to the Klamath River on river right, 6 miles upriver form the Trinity River confluence. It drains the forested coast range mountains ‘tween Blue Creek Mountain and Barren Butte, on the Westside, and Trail Mountain and Slate Creek Butte to the Eastside.

The whitewater of Bluff Creek however is no day at the beach, and is not to be taken lightly. Cutting through and through rough and unstable geology, this run provides risky adventure. The shuttle is lengthy, and then there’s a 30 min descending thrash to the Fish Creek confluence with Bluff Creek. The Bluff Creek area has had a long history of Bigfoot activity. For instance, in 1958 loggers doing work in the region reported many strange disturbances along with large nonhuman non-identifiable footprints, and Sasquatch sightings were reported as early as 1960.

bluff-creek-bigfoot-In Oct 1967, Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin shot film footage of what seemed to be a big female like bipedal ape along Bluff Creek California, now known worldwide as the famous or in-famous (depending on your stance) Patterson-Gimlin film. This shaky, jerky, blurry motion picture clearly shows a big, hair-covered creature possibly female (seems to have breasts), walking upright on two feet. While many people believe the Patterson-Gimlin film to be bona fide, there are scores of others who steadfastly believe the film is a fraud by Roger Patterson, Bob Gimlin and possibly others.

Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Abominable Snowman, Yeti whatever you want call it, has yet to be proven by, or to, the mainstream scientific community. Even though there have been abundant creature sightings (described as being around 5 feet tall, and others as tall as 11 or 12 feet), bigfoot tracks found, bigfoot pictures and even bigfoot film, there has not been concrete proof of the creature’s existence yet to satisfy the scientific community.

Many within the community believe it will take an actual dead Bigfoot body before anybody in the scientific community takes any of this seriously. Bigfoot researchers can come up with all of Bigfoot video, footprints, eyewitness accounts and photographs, but the mainstream scientific community will always ask for the body. Until Bigfoot is killed or found dead of natural causes the mystery will continue, to the majority of folks it will just be a man in a gorilla suit.

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