FBI Bigfoot File

There have been Bigfoot sightings for many years. There have been many stories and sightings that the FBI decided to get involved and conduct their investigations. They took the time to try to see if they could find Bigfoot and if this creature was indeed real. Now, the FBI does not want to confuse you. They do not have a Bigfoot unit as of yet lol. Their job is to investigate crime and create safety around all Americans. The FBI would only get involved if an event was brought to their attention by a law enforcement agency or citizen in the area where this appears. The FBI has done research in regards to these sightings over the years, along with every other type of bigfoot investigation out there.

In the 1970s the FBI dedicated some of the agents to investigate Bigfoot and find out if this creature existed. The agents got a request for Peter Byrne who was a Bigfoot hunter for Oregon. He spent his time trying to determine if Bigfoot was real. Byrne came across some unusual hairs that he could not identify. He asked the FBI to take a look at these hairs and analyze them in the labs. It took a little time but he was able to convince the FBI to examine the hairs in 1976.

A Bigfoot hunter is the type of individual who will spend many hours searching and traveling to areas in the woods to see if they can find evidence of this creature. The Bigfoot hunters are the ones who get the credit for finding evidence in most cases. If they find anything, it is usually only a hair or two. Their job is to gather bigfoot evidence and to get people to go to the same areas as them so that others can try their luck at finding Bigfoot too.

FBI Bigfoot FileThe hairs were indeed sent in to be tested by the FBI. Jay Cochran Jr. who was the assistant director of the scientific and technical services division of the FBI at the time did take a look at the hairs. He said that there was no evidence that these hairs were from Bigfoot. The FBI usually only looks at information and evidence relating to criminal investigations but they made an exception in the case of Big Foot. The FBI decided to look at these hairs for scientific inquiry and they wanted to know if this creature did exist.

After the FBI investigated these hairs they were sent back to Byrne. The FBI determined that the hairs were from an animal in the deer family. The FBI did recently release their information and the file that they did have on Bigfoot to the public. The FBI did admit that they are not experts on the subject and that this is just one of many files.

The FBI denies that they thought Bigfoot existed but they did test the hair for scientific and research purposes. The FBI does investigate unexplained phenomena in nature and they looking for information all the time. While the FBI did not support the investigation into Bigfoot and they cannot endorse that it is a reality they did test the information for science.

People that support the existence of Bigfoot feel differently about this matter. They feel that the FBI tested the hairs and took it seriously. They have also said that agents have been looking for Bigfoot over the years. While Byrne is now in his 90s, he went on record stating that he did not recall the FBI sending a letter that the hairs were of deer origin. The FBI did respond to this. They stated if he thought the hairs were a big enough deal to send to the FBI it was a little disappointing that they did not turn out to be something more than deer hair.

In conclusion, while the FBI is denying that they send agents out in the field there is still a mystery behind it. if the FBI took the time to test these hairs there had to be a convincing argument that Bigfoot may really exist. They have denied the existence of Bigfoot on record but Bigfoot is a controversial subject and many people believe that this creature does exist. This is why many people are baffled by the FBI hassling over a bunch of hair. It is also interesting that these hairs were sent to the FBI and not an academic study.


  • The FBI did conduct their own research on this and could not find any substantial evidence to agree with the belief in this creature.
  • The FBI has had an interest in all types of investigations for many years.
  • Even though there are a lot of different opinions about whether Bigfoot exists or not it doesn’t hurt to study the mystery behind this creature.

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