How Do You Catch A Bigfoot?

When it comes to the topic of Bigfoot, they are obviously a smorgasbord of questions to be asked and debated. A question asked often is, “how do you catch a Bigfoot” and “can Bigfoot even be tracked”? These are highly important controversial questions which have been debated countless of hours over the years among Bigfoot investigators/researchers around the world. For the sake of this article we are going to assume Bigfoot is a flesh and blood animal. There is a small but growing contingent of researchers who believe Bigfoot is a paranormal being and is capable of numerous paranormal abilities. We can discuss the notion/possibility of Bigfoot having paranormal abilities in a future article. As stated before, we are going to proceed with this article with the assumption that Bigfoot is an undiscovered hominid species of some type.

Typically, researchers/hunters will cover an area which has been thoroughly researched beforehand with all types of cameras in order to track a Bigfoot. And if they happen to get lucky enough and actually track an alleged Bigfoot, the idea would be to confront the beast at some point in the field. At this point the ultimate goal would be to capture Sasquatch himself or at the very least some type of biological evidence. Biological evidence such as fur/hair, scat/fecal matter, skin tissue samples and other similar forms of biological residue.

Another popular method these days is the use of a drone. Drones these days are becoming cheaper to buy, while at the same time becoming more technically advanced. Due to all the advancements in drone technology it has become an imperative tool to have in the hunt for Bigfoot these days. Speaking about drones’ researchers have also utilized blimps in similar ways. Some researchers prefer blimps because they believe it’s quieter, stealthy and harder for Bigfoot to become aware of. Essentially the idea is the same whether using a drone or blimp, you going to track Bigfoot by air until you can come up with a plan to capture it or at the very least record it.


Can Bigfoot Be Tracked?

When it comes to tracking Bigfoot, most researchers will use an assortment of cameras. In particular, all types of night vision cameras such as trail cameras/camera traps are used quite often in the field. This practice has been somewhat successful depending on what side of the fence you’re on. To the believers there have been several pictures which have surfaced online and Bigfoot conventions which allegedly depict the beast. However, on the other side of the fence nonbelievers, skeptics etc. assert not one photo or video of Bigfoot has been proven to be real beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Having said that, a large majority of Bigfoot investigators have claimed success to a certain degree tracking Sasquatch by means of cameras. In a nutshell basically the investigators blanket certain targeted areas with cameras, typically night vision motion activated cameras in the hopes of recording Bigfoot as he travels through. This works great for other animals in the wilderness why not Bigfoot as well, at least that’s the reasoning behind it.

On a personal note, I’ve seen quite a few alleged pictures of Bigfoot over the years from trail cameras, night vision cameras and the like. All I can honestly say is I’ve seen number of very interesting pictures however nothing that truly unquestionably said to me this is Bigfoot, a flesh and blood animal. Consequently, my personal search for the truth continues.

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