Is Bigfoot Killing and Eating People?

As the human beings that we are, everyday can be a struggle to eat and just survive this world. Let alone trying to survive and thrive out in the wilderness, where most people do not feel at home. Having said that, many a folks do enjoy a trip or two during the year to the woodlands and becoming one with mother nature.  And typically, these trips are full of fun and adventure with the occasional meeting with a black bear or deer.

Generally speaking, these trips are pretty safe and secure except for the rare but scary nonetheless black bear visitations. Most of the times these eye-to-eye meetings are fairly uneventful. Nevertheless, how rare, people have died and continue to die every year from bear attacks. Having said that, there is a growing number of bigfoot researchers who believe at least some of these killings could actually be bigfoot and not black bears! Shocking, I know!

This is actually something which is not new at all, in fact this notion has been around for generations. Indigenous Americans have been reporting Sasquatch or bigfoot like creatures kidnapping woman and children for hundreds of years. These reports are coming from numerous Native American groups from the western United States. There are many detailed descriptions of Bigfoot type creatures kidnapping women and children. But one of the best accounts comes from this story related by a Native American couple who want to remain unidentified.

“A number of years ago, my first wife and I were in the mountains. We had been making baskets (gathering willow twigs). We were in a high valley, west of South Fork. My first wife was gathering willow bark to make baskets with, and I was looking for wood for making bows, when I saw something black coming up the hillside. I glanced at it casually at first because it looked like a bear on the hillside. Then it stood up as straight as a man and looked around. I thought, “My God! What is that thing?” It did not have a tail. It had a black hairy body and brownish/black head, and two big shiny black eyes. I thought it was some kind of a man, but I didn’t know what kind. Then it turned its back to me and went up the hill toward the right. I said to my wife, “Did you see that?” She said, “Yes.” So, then we went out from where we were standing and we climbed up the hill and went over to where this thing had been standing. There was a piece of white meat laying on the ground in front of us which looked like part of a deer or something similar. My wife picked it up and took it to where we were staying that night. We went to bed. After about an hour or so, we had a fire up in the lodge and were sitting around it. There was a lot of snow falling out there and the temperature was dropping. The snow fell on the ground but didn’t melt. I remember very well. When we went to sleep, I woke up cold in my sleeping bag, and could feel the cold snow on my face as if I was outside somewhere and it was very cold. We got up that morning, packed our stuff and started going down into South Fork Valley (remember: this is thousands of miles away). We were going down the slope where we had been sleeping when I saw this thing again. It was coming up the hill, and it looked like a black bear. It had a big muscular body and a long, pointy head. It was coming fast toward us. My first wife was ahead of me and she reached into her belt pouch and pulled out her knife. She threw it at that thing and I heard something hit it in the head or neck area, because it retreated rapidly backward into the side of the hill where there was a narrow cave or something. It retreated into the cave as quickly as it had come up. That was the last time we ever saw that thing. It wasn’t a bear and it wasn’t a man.”

According to bigfoot researchers, there are at least a few human fatalities every year that are attributed to bigfoot. And these are usually the people who have been killed and eaten on a logging camp or in some isolated area. There are also cases where people have reported missing and never found or heard from again after going off into the woods. This has led to some logical, yet frightening conclusions that claim at least some of these deaths could actually be from bigfoot attacks!

As a matter of fact, most of these deaths could be explained but not all of them. It is generally accepted that black bears can and will attack and kill human beings, just like any other predator would do in the wild environment. It is also accepted that some black bears have been known to carry human remains back to their caves or dens.

That being said, there is a growing body of bigfoot researchers and other interested folks who believe the killings attributed to black bears could actually be unexplained bigfoot attacks. And in fact, there are claims that these bear attacks were done by mature males, not just any ol bear out there. These claims are coming from bigfoot researchers and investigators who have been gathering evidence over a number of years. Based on their findings they are convinced that the older bigfoot males do indeed kill and eat humans at times.

There is even an author David Paulides who wrote a book (missing 411) about people who go missing every year in the wilderness and one of his theories is bigfoot? The long and short of it is that bigfoot must be kidnapping or killing humans who have unluckily crossed their paths. David has authored multiply books and there are what seems like countless documentaries on the subject, all which are attainable on the internet.


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Bigfoot is a creature that some people believe exist as a descendant of humans. For thousands of years Native Americans across North America have had myths and legends about what they now call Sasquatch or Bigfoot. But is bigfoot real? For over a century people have been trying to prove the existence of this elusive creature. They have collected evidence, footprints, hair samples and videos all in an effort to prove that bigfoot does exist. While most scientists believe that bigfoot is nothing more than an urban legend, there are many people who are absolutely convinced that these creatures exist.

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