Is Bigfoot Real and Where Does He Live

Some common questions about Sasquatch are “is Bigfoot real”? And if so, “where does he live”? These are some very valid inquiries of the alleged creature. If the elusive creature truly exists, it’s got to live somewhere doesn’t it? Not only does it need shelter but it will presumably need enough space for a family as well. Assuming the creature is of flesh and blood as the majority of Bigfoot believers assert, they would need space for themselves and at the very least a small family unit within a small colony. Having said that, I will leave that reality for you to ponder and another post to debate on.

So where is bigfoot, where is he located? On a grand scale there have been bigfoot sightings around the world. Pretty much anywhere with significant forests/woodlands, bigfoot type creatures have been encountered and formally reported. Depending on the region we are talking about, the creature will have different names it is called by however they all appear to be the same type of animal nevertheless. This is actually very interesting scenario because if the creature is simply a figment of people’s imagination, we must then ask why are people from around the world imagining the same type of being. A very interesting scenario indeed, and a very important question to debate upon a future blog post. However, for the intended purposes of this post I shall regress.

For the believers/investigators alike of Bigfoot which have allegedly seen, tracked and investigated the creature across numerous regions around the world, the creature is more or less described the same. And with these various areas around the world inherently comes different types of climates. Bigfoot’s have been observed according to eyewitness reports within these various regions and climates uniquely adopting to its immediate surroundings. Whether it be the swamps of Florida “swamp/skunk ape” or the freezing weather of the Himalayas “the abominable snowman” or the Pacific Northwest, Bigfoot’s seem to be able to adopt quite nicely, not to mention stealthily.

Honestly, these days it seems like Bigfoot’s can practically live and roam all across country and around the world. I mention this partly in jest however it seems like every year more and more Bigfoot encounters are being reported in areas not known formally as prime Bigfoot habitats. It seems like either people’s imaginations are getting more elaborate or for some reason Bigfoots are seeking more territory to inhabit. Here’s a quick question to ponder. A you believe in the spirit they have been re Bigfoot’s actually being seen/encountered more due to climate change/warming? According to most mainstream scientists due to climate change many different types of animal species are being forced to relocate from their natural habitats. If all these different animals are being forced to relocate, why not Bigfoot as well. If Bigfoot is truly a flesh and blood animal of sorts, as most Sasquatch investigators/researchers suggest; then it makes perfect sense for them to struggle with climate warming along with other documented acknowledged species.

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