Jeff Meldrum

D. Jeffrey Meldrum or simply Jeff Meldrum (born 1958) is the Associate Professor of Anatomy & Anthropology as well as Adjunct Associate Professor of the Department of Anthropology at Idaho State College.

Meldrum is additionally Adjunct Professor of Occupational & Physical Therapy and Affiliate Curator of Vertebrate Paleontology at the Idaho Museum of Natural History. Meldrum is an expert on foot morphology along with locomotion in primates (monkeys, apes and hominids.).

Meldrum received his B.S. in zoology concentrating on vertebrate locomotion at Brigham Young University (BYU) in 1982, his M.S. at BYU in 1984 and a Ph.D. in anatomical sciences, with a focus in biological anthropology, from State University of New York at Stony Brook in 1989.

He kept the position of postdoctoral visiting assistant professor at Duke University Medical Center between 1989 to 1991. Meldrum was employed at Northwestern University’s Department of Cell, Molecular and Structural Biology for a short period in 1993 prior to joining the faculty of Idaho State University where he presently teaches.

Jeff MeldrumMeldrum has written and published a number of academic papers including vertebrate evolutionary morphology, the emergence of bipedal locomotion in modern humans and Sasquatch and is a co-editor of a series of books on paleontology. Meldrum also coedited From Biped to Strider: The Emergence of Modern Human Walking with Charles E. Hilton. Meldrum has drawn media attention as a result of his involvement with Bigfoot, an alignment he retains in spite of ostracism coming from his fellow anthropologists and university colleagues.

Jeff has followed the Bigfoot lore ever since he was a young man, he clarifies that his curiosity about Bigfoot came about when he was 11 and watched Roger Patterson’s now famed film clip of an alleged Bigfoot sighting trekking in to the woods.

According to Jeff, the footprints molds of other individuals he has analyzed together with still unknown hairs, audio recordings of bizarre unknown calls and a number of witness testimonials all adequate to legitimate evidence that justifies further study (“the evidence that exists fully justifies the investigation and the pursuit of this question.”).

To Meldrum’s critics, which includes university peers along with scientists within his own field, that same collection doesn’t amount to legitimate evidence, and Meldrum’s study of it is actually pseudoscientific. Jeff’s laboratory contains in excess of 200 casts with regards to Bigfoot.

  • Beginning throughout late 1990’s, Jeff has regularly made appearances in Bigfoot documentaries speaking about his observations on Bigfoot and Yeti, along with revealing his research concerning foot anatomy and locomotion. He has talked at a number of Sasquatch seminars.
  • Meldrum is generally regarded as the primary expert on Bigfoot footprints along with the derived morphology and functional anatomy belonging to the foot.

Published works

  • Evaluation of Alleged Sasquatch Footprints and Their Inferred Functional Morphology (1999)
  • Midfoot Flexibility, Fossil Footprints, and Sasquatch Steps: New Perspectives on the Evolution of Bipedalism (2004)
  • Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science (2006, Forge Books)
  • Ichnotaxonomy of Giant Hominoid Tracks in North America (2007)

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  1. Point #1: Near the end of the documentary “Discovering Bigfoot” Meldrum has Standing in his Idaho St. U. office, and is seen basically agreeing with ALL of Standing’s many anecdotal claims. in the documentary this happens just before cutting to Standing in a ridiculous camouflage outfit, performing an obviously-scripted act, taking infrared in daylight (?) and then, with “barely enough power left in battery” takes fuzzy/sharp/fuzzy video images of a half-hidden, dark (almost black) “ape-like” face just as camera battery dies!

    Point #2: Actor wearing the ape costume in this scene has been identified, and it has already been established that they collaborated with Standing to fake the sequence. Meldrum, despite being a *legitimate* professor of anatomy & anthropology at Idaho St. University, does or says nothing to question this, nor is there any later retraction of his complicity in this faked documentary that I have found.

    Point #3: I wonder how the president of Idaho St. University feels about this? Well, perhaps I will ask him…So when I searched for his email I found a recent opening letter from new president Kevin Satterlee, in which he stated, “There are so many great things going on at Idaho State University, most of which I can take no credit for…”

    Point#4: Was this just an innocent expression of humility? Or is Satterlee trying to somehow distance himself in advance, knowing that he now has at least one professor that could seriously damage the reputation of his university?…i.e.- Why is Meldrum still located in a *science* dept of this university, and not the Folklore department? I will ask the prez…


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