New Cryptozoology Museum

In PORTLAND, Maine there is a new Cryptozoology Museum coming to town. The proprietor Loren Coleman says his global Cryptozoology Museum will open in a Congress Street storefront on Nov. 1.

As a “cryptozoologist”, Coleman studies creatures that have been reported to exist but aren’t formally documented by science yet. Coleman, who has authored 17 books on the subject of cryptozoology, tells the Portland Press Herald the crypto museum will be in the rear of a new bookstore that will specialize in supernatural fiction, horror fiction and weird fiction.

Loren Coleman Cryptozoology MuseumAmong the displays in the museum will be his 8-foot-tall, 400-pound Sasquatch carving, which now stands on the front porch of his home. He’ll also have a model of the Loch Ness monster, along with what he says are a footprint cast and hair sample from the alleged Abominable Snowman, found during a 1959 expedition in the Himalayas.

Sounds like a fun spot to visit if you’re into reading about the supernatural or just want to see a life-size 400 pound Bigfoot statue. All jokes aside it does seems to be an interesting place to visit if you’re into Bigfoot and cryptozoology in general. Mr. Coleman has dedicated his life to Bigfoot and is a very interesting man to meet and speak to. I have seen Mr. Coleman on multiple documentaries and he always seems to be legitimately passionate about Sasquatch and Cryptids.

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