Real Photos of Bigfoot

There are many people generally interested in the topic of Bigfoot/Sasquatch. In fact just like our recent election I’m sure they are many people who are fascinated with the topic of Bigfoot but are too embarrassed to ask any questions about it. Just like many folks were too embarrassed to admit they were voting for Donald Trump for president. Having said that this is not a political piece whatsoever however it is a blog post based on the question; are there any real photos of Bigfoot?

This is a very important question to debate because even if just one single photo was proven to be real then Bigfoot believers will be vindicated. All it takes is one real picture or a body dead or alive to prove without a doubt the creature lives among us. Just for the record I believe most of us would agree we would prefer a healthy living Bigfoot as evidence than a dead one. Now getting back to the topic of Bigfoot photos, are there any real ones? Unfortunately one inherent problem with Bigfoot photography is that skeptics will say it’s a man in a monkey/ape suit committing a hoax for money or for laughs.

For example, in general most Bigfoot photos always seem to be quite blurry. Bigfoot always seems to be blurry even in close-up shots which is kind of odd considering we have modern cameras and even our smart phones are quite capable of taking great pictures nowadays. As someone with an open mind to the Bigfoot phenomenon I must admit I’ve seen quite a few Bigfoot pictures and a lot of them seem to be blurry on purpose. You might ask as a reader why somebody would blur their pictures on purpose. Well the answer is quite simple, people blur pictures on purpose to hide details. When it comes to Bigfoot photography blurring the pictures hides details such as a fake looking Bigfoot costume and other similar scenarios.

I have said it before on this website it is going to take a phenomenal high definition picture of a Bigfoot doing something which would be extremely hard to fake with a man in a gorilla costume. For example a series of pictures of Bigfoot eating, hunting or perhaps even bathing in a lake. These our series of actions which would be very hard to realistically fake while wearing a costume.

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