Six Million Dollar Man Bigfoot

Growing up, the Six Million Dollar Man TV show was one of my favorites to watch! I remember how futuristic and incredible it was to have the main character, Steve Austin be human with robotic like implants. Two of my all time favorite episodes, were when the six million dollar man and Bigfoot were together. Here’s a short review of six million dollar man Bigfoot first episode, as there was two shows in total involving Bigfoot.

Steve Austin (six million dollar man) and Oscar Goldman are in a remote region of the Calif. Mountains as part of a squad doing work with sophisticated earthquake detectors, when two geologists from the team, Ivan and Marlene Bekey abruptly vanish in mysterious fashion. Shortly after, tracks of the legendary elusive creature known as the Sasquatch/Bigfoot is discovered nearby and Ivan is soon found harmless but in a state of shock. However, there’s no sign of the still missing Marlene.

Six-Million-Dollar-Man-Bigfoot-300x283When Bigfoot later assaults the team’s base camp Steve engages and battles with the creature unsuspecting that he’s being monitored by extraterrestrials who are subsisting in a nearby mountain. During the struggle one of Sasquatch’s arms becomes ripped off, divulging that it’s not an actually creature, but some form of robot. The Bigfoot then starts to run away to elude capture and Steve follows it into a cave. This turns out to be inside the mountain occupied by the extraterrestrials and Steve is soon rendered unconscious, captured and analyzed by them.

When he awakens, Steve learns from Shalon, a female alien, that the Bigfoot he just fought was built and controlled by the extraterrestrials to protect them. The earthquake sensor team had been attacked as they had identified a volcanic vent that powered the extraterrestrial colony. In the meantime Oscar ascertains that a major quake is anticipated along the main San Medrian fault line within the next few hrs which jeopardizes all the Californian west coast cities.

Only a controlled underground nuclear explosion to trigger a smaller man made quake along a smaller tributary fault line will prevent the main earthquake from happing. Oscar authorizes this recognizing that Steve and Marlene are still missing in the area concerned and will be at life-threatening risk from the detonation and resulting quake.

Guest Cast
• Ford Lile Captain
• Charles Cyphers Faler
• Andre the Giant Bigfoot
• Donn Whyte Tom Raintree
• Penelope Windust Marlene Bekey
• Hank Brandt Ivan Bekey
• Severn Darden Apploy
• Stefanie Powers Shalon
• Chuck Bowman Guard

• Lee Majors Colonel Steve Austin
• Martin E. Brooks Dr. Rudy Wells (Seasons 3-5)
• Richard Anderson Oscar Goldman
• Alan Crosland Director
• Kenneth Johnson Writer

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