Bigfoot Sightings

Sightings of Bigfoot/Sasquatch have been occurring in North America and a round the world for well over 200 years. The creature has been dubbed America’s quintessential monster but we know little more about the beast today than we did during the “Bigfoot craze” of the 1970′s. If there was one constant among the lore of the Sasquatch, it would be that there is a certain, typical profile associated with a Bigfoot sighting/encounter. In the vast majority of encounters with this elusive creature across the world there are number of commonly observed scenarios which present themselves typically. And it doesn’t matter if the creature is known as Sasquatch, the Abominable Snowman, the Yeti or even the Yowie from Australia, they all act in a similar manner. In fact, they act so similar most Bigfoot investigators believe their all the same type of cryptid in one way or the other .

This is not to say that there is a universal manner in which all Bigfoot sightings adhere to. Rather, this just means that there are certain components and actions common with seeing the creature since the behavior of the creature in its natural habitat are constant. As most animals in the wild behavior is a constant, unless threatened in some form or fashion. In the case of Bigfoot most researchers believe they have no natural predators and the biggest threat to their livelihood are in fact human beings. Many folks are seeking them out in order to prove they exist while others so-called Bigfoot hunters are seeking fame and fortune. Unfortunately, in both scenarios people are willing to hunt them down and expose them to the world dead or alive.

The Common Traits To A Prototypical Bigfoot Sighting Are:

A significant number of Bigfoot sightings occur at night. While it is not the case that all Bigfoot sightings are nighttime events, the vast majority of sightings are nighttime affairs. The reason for this is that Bigfoot is considered a nocturnal creature. As such, it will not search for food or traverse around during the day. At night the creature will likely move around more which increase the odds of it being seen. However, the cover of darkness reduces the chances of it being seen too far less than what would be the case during the day.

Almost all Bigfoot sightings are by accident. Other than the infamous Patterson/Gimlin Film, it is extremely rare sightings occur when on an actual hunt for the creature. One would have to assume the creature becomes “spooked” when humans are chasing it, making it less likely the creature will move around out in the open.

Bigfoot SightingsBigfoot sightings are common on roads and by streams. The reason for this is that it is much easier to actually see the creature in the open than it is in the brush. If the creature needs to cross a road or wishes to drink from a stream, it must leave the brush and opens itself to exposure. It is essentially leaving behind its natural camouflage anytime it leaves the brush/woodlands exposing itself to possible human intervention.

Bigfoot creatures are extremely docile and likely to avoid humans. They do seem to be used to humans and do not become startled when meeting humans. These creatures do, however, wish to avoid humans and will immediately wander off as soon as they come across a human traveler. It is thankfully exceptionally rare that instances of aggression are reported when discussing human interactions with Bigfoot.

Bigfoot sightings are often preceded by the noticing of a foul stench in the air. This is why Bigfoot has been given such names as “Skunk Ape” in places such as Florida. In a way, it is unfair to dub Bigfoot as “smelly” per se; as all wild animals smell pretty bad out in the backwoods. Just for clarification, a skunk ape seems to be a type of smaller version of a Sasquatch which has been allegedly spotted in the swamps of Florida. It apparently has a putrid smell when encountered hence the name skunk ape.

While Bigfoot sightings are certainly random as far as we can tell, there are certain common traits which occur regularly during these encounters. Since Bigfoot remains such a mysterious and elusive creature, its actions are difficult to predict and consequently study. We do know, however, how the creature commonly acts based on recorded sightings of the beast. The information above was based on Bigfoot researchers and general people who believe Bigfoot is real. For the skeptics, all this is simply animal misidentification and or hoaxes perpetrated for money and fame. Only time will tell if any of these alleged creature encounters will ever lead up to something substantial in terms of evidence of their existence.