Texas Bigfoot Conference

Esteban Sarmiento is a working anatomist. His main branch of knowledge involves the biology of hominoids and their fossils, but he’s also an African primatologist and Bigfoot researcher. Sarmiento has lectured and taught throughout the United States, Europe, South America, and in Republic of South Africa, Uganda and Mozambique.

Mr. Sarmiento sated, based on his studies of great apes in Africa, Sumatra and Borneo, whatever Bigfoot is, he’s not an ape.

Texas Bigfoot ConferenceSarmiento spoke during the conference about the infamous Patterson-Gimlin film shot in 1967. Which many believe is the real proof on the existence of Bigfoot, while many others call it a hoax. To a large number of Bigfoot researchers the PGF film is the holy grail of evidence however on the flipside mainstream scientists and the general public deem it just a man in a monkey suit.

The Patterson film has been hotly debated by Sasquatch believers and non-believers alike. It has been debunked by critics, and examined frame by frame and circulated widely on YouTube. There are literally hundreds of YouTube videos solely based on the Patterson-Gimlin film with believers and nonbelievers alike debating about its authenticity.

The beast shown in the Roger Patterson film is covered in dark hair, bipedal and walks with a human gait. The Bigfoot shown in the PGF film is believed to be a female and has even been named as Patty. Non-believers simply state it’s a man in an ape suit.

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