Ukrainian Bigfoot Video

Within the Ukraine, yet an another Bigfoot video clip has been released, and a considerably more convincing one, than the North Carolina Bigfoot. The video clip records what appears to be a massive hairy figure striding through the woodlands. At this time there are claims that it was within the Crimea region.

The incredibly elusive beast has actually been reported around the world for hundreds of years. Considering that on a yearly basis, you can find a multitude of Bigfoot sightings within the regions in and around Russia, it’s no real surprise that we receive some reports originating from the Ukraine.

Ukrainian Bigfoot VideoHowever having said that my own personal gut feeling is this is a Bigfoot hoax. The cameraman seems to be filming and acting in a very unnatural state, it all seems very forced to me and other Bigfoot researchers. Besides the unnatural behavior of the cameraman the subject itself appears to be very dubious. The subject presumably Bigfoot seems to move in a very herky-jerky motion just like a person would in a Bigfoot costume very unlike a real creature would move.

Besides the reactions of the cameraman and the dubious nature of the Bigfoot being filmed the location is another important factor. The area which this Bigfoot was supposedly recorded at has no history of Bigfoot sightings. There has been no history of any type of Bigfoot evidence originating from this area, no footprints, no pictures and no other biological materials.

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