What Happened To Finding Bigfoot

The TV show finding Bigfoot has been off the air for quite a while now. In fact, many people were wondering if the Bigfoot quasi-documentary style show was actually canceled, including myself. The show was actually very popular with viewers on the animal planet channel. Essentially people were asking what happened to finding Bigfoot and will it come back to animal planet. Well last week we finally got our answer, finding Bigfoot is back for one last hurrah. I’m happy to see the whole team is back which includes James “Bobo” Fay, Matt moneymaker, Cliff Barackman and biologist Ranae Holland.

It was a two-hour special and finding Bigfoot’s 100th episode, sadly also its last. It is now official; Finding Bigfoot has been canceled. I will not go into great detail about the two-hour special because I do not want to ruin it for any fans who may have not seen it yet. The last episode is part of animal planets Monster week. Basically, the channel is broadcasting new shows, reruns, documentaries based on the paranormal, monsters, aliens and strange happenings in general all week long. I’ve always been someone who is been into the paranormal and the such, so I am a big fan of these week long specials. I can’t seem to get enough of this type of programming since I was a kid, for better or worse.

Like I said before, even though I will not go into detail about the last episode I will say the final episode was thoroughly entertaining as well as sad. The team collectively get together for one last run and headed out to Willow Creek California to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the infamous Bigfoot footage known as the Patterson Gimlin film (PGF). In case if you don’t know or realize the Patterson Gimlin film is footage of a purported female Bigfoot which basically started off the Bigfoot craze in America.

On a more personal note, I will miss the show to a certain degree. Even though finding Bigfoot wasn’t show I had to see every week, it was still fun to watch especially in the earlier days. After a while, say few years the show did become a bit repetitive to me. Basically, the show became routine and downright boring at times, deep down we all knew they would never find anything truly outstanding. However, what kept me watching besides my personal interest in Bigfoot was watching Bobo, Matt, Cliff and last but not least Ranae interact with each other. To me that is what truly made the show entertaining, not Bigfoot per say but the four “Bigfoot investigators”.

I will truly miss those guys as well as the beautiful cities, countries they visited around the world. Some of these alleged Bigfoot habitats were downright beautiful to see, something I would not normally be able to experience. Besides that it was also a very good family show, I was able to watch the show with my little nephews and nieces. It was nice to view fun programming with the kids without fearing any cursing or adult situations being portrayed. The show also carried a lot of educational information about Sasquatch. I liked that there were a lot of segments and special shows that were produced by real experts. I feel the show was very fair in the way that it dealt with different opinions on Sasquatch and never attempted to take sides one way or another. It was very interesting to watch, even if I did not believe in Bigfoot.

This group of people had a lot of years of experience dealing with Sasquatch and also had the opportunity to work closely with experts from different scientific disciplines and universities. I was impressed with how well they all worked together. I think that it would have been nice to see them approach more civil debates on the topic of Sasquatch and tackle some of the flawed arguments that are often used when discussing the existence of Bigfoot. Only time will tell though, maybe in another twenty years some new evidence will come forward and we will finally be able to make a cogent decision about whether or not Sasquatch exists.

In conclusion, I think that the most important thing to take away from this show is that it was a very well produced television show, and also, the families featured on the show went through an emotional roller coaster. I really enjoyed watching all of their experiences and please let them know that there are a lot of people out there still missing their show.

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  1. I am going to miss finding bigfoot too, I use to watch it with my little son. The show was just fun to watch and see the look on my son when he thought he heard or saw a bigfoot in the woods too along with Bobo. I thought the team had good chemistry and wish them good luck in the future.


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