What Is A Sasquatch

Where does Sasquatch live? What is Sasquatch? What eats sasquatch? How do you call for help when you are about to be eaten by a sasquatch? This article answers these questions and more. Find out everything you wanted to know about that big, hairy guy in the woods. Learn how to prepare for your inevitable matchup with the beast, whether it’s just a bigfoot hoax or not; let us guide you in protecting yourself and your family against the most fearsome carnivore on Earth.

What is Sasquatch?

Since the existence of Bigfoot is a controversial topic, it is important first to understand what we know about Sasquatches. We have many eyewitnesses and even some physical evidence that they exist. The Sasquatch is a large, hairy man-beast that roams the vast wildernesses of Alaska, Canada, and other areas in northern North America. The Sasquatch’s natural habitat includes temperate forests, coniferous forests, shrublands, vast swamps, and mountainous regions. Since the creature has never been officially found by humans (debunkers argue that public sightings were actually men dressed up as sasquatches), we have no idea about its specific diet or behavior patterns. All we really know are the myths created by hoaxes or from people who claim to have captured or killed a sasquatch for 15 mins of fame and/or money.

Physical appearance: —————–Sasquatches are very similar to humans in their anatomy, except for size (they are between 8-10 feet tall). They have brown hair all over their body, but mostly on the head and arms. On the face, they have long brown hair that forms a beard and chin hair. On the hands, fingers, toes, and feet they have black fingernails that are about an inch long. Their eyes are very large and round, with a black inner eyelid and a black outer eyelid. Their skin is very dark brown, and their noses are very prominent, similar to humans. There is usually hair around the neck (like ear hair) too. They weigh between 400-600 pounds on average. 

Where does Sasquatch live?

What Is A SasquatchSasquatch is said to inhabit the most rugged and remote regions of the Earth, from Costa Rica to Canada to northern Alaska. Experts believe that this area of North America is home to an undiscovered species of hominids, a group of ape-like creatures including homo erectus and homo sapiens. Some believe that sasquatch is a hybrid between modern humans and an ancient man-like beast called Homo erectus or Homo neanderthalensis. Experts believe that the remaining Neanderthal population may have been wiped out by these modern humans thousands of years ago, but there are still some scattered communities that exhibit genetic traits similar to Neanderthals.

What does sasquatch eat?

In the past, Sasquatch was believed to eat mostly chicken and berries. Today, however, this is no longer the case. Sasquatch is now said to feed on a variety of meats including moose, caribou, and elk. The main difference between modern predators like wolves and sasquatch is that wolves will go after smaller prey, but sasquatch will generally have a much more varied diet; this is believed to be a result of the animal’s size. In addition to the consumption of meat, sasquatch has also been known to consume large amounts of vegetation including cattails and other aquatic plants. Some researchers believe the bipedal stance of this species allows it to access certain vegetation that would otherwise be inaccessible. Sasquatch has also been found to be fond of carrion; however, it is unsure why such an enormous animal would prefer smaller prey. Sasquatches are omnivorous animals whose diet includes both plants and animals.

What does a sasquatch sound like?

The noises created by sasquatch range from a howl to a shriek to a loud, high-pitched scream. Sasquatch is believed to be very territorial and will warn off intruders by making loud shrieks and growls. Many people who have encountered sasquatch claim that the creature growled or screamed at them, sometimes even in words! Sasquatches make various sounds in order to communicate with each other; some have even claimed to hear the ape-like creatures talking amongst themselves when they were out in the wilderness alone. In British Columbia, witnesses say that Sasquatches can imitate human speech like parrots.

What does a sasquatch look like?

Sasquatches can be of various sizes and colors. Depending on the source, the creature is said to range from 5-8 feet tall to 12-18 feet tall and weigh between 200-1,000 pounds. The fur of a sasquatch is anywhere from brown to black. They have big, muscular bodies and long limbs with large hands and feet; witnesses report seeing sasquatch with a height suitable for a bipedal man but its legs appear much better suited for running quadrupedally.

How tall is sasquatch?

To date, the largest Sasquatch specimen ever allegedly to be encountered was a 15-foot tall, 800-pound creature in Texas. Many scientists dismissed this find as a hoax. In terms of physical height, Sasquatch is not very well documented, but some credible sightings report it to be at least nine to ten feet tall.

What color is the sasquatch?

Sasquatches are typically a dark misty brown or grayish color. They are sometimes seen with black hair or even whitish coloring. Occasionally, their hair color can be red or blonde. This coloring scheme is also seen with the American black bear and might be a regional trait.

Do sasquatches have a lot of body hair?

Short answer: Yes.
Long answer: Let’s start with the obvious. Sasquatch has been seen with hair covering all of its body parts save the palms of its hands — a sasquatch was even found in British Columbia, Canada, with the hair on its hands still attached! Hair is found on most parts of sasquatches (figuratively and literally) — in places not even known to humans! As if that’s not enough, it’s also been seen that some individuals have short pubic hair — nothing like what we see on humans. So, yes, sasquatches do have a lot of body hair.

When can I see sasquatch?

Because Sasquatches are so elusive, sightings are quite rare and often occur at dawn or dusk. However, some scientists believe there is more than one type of sasquatch and have suggested that the creatures could be nocturnal like bears and others claim they could even be aquatic with webbing between their fingers. Sasquatches are also known to live in high-altitude ranges. When viewed from the ground, the creatures appear large and upright as they walk.

The most logical way to find a sasquatch would be to go where they live. Some scientists have gone so far as to say that the creatures could be living in the forests of Washington, Oregon, northern California, Idaho, Montana, and Colorado. However, since we know very little about them, they may also be hiding in other areas of North America. The better you get to know an area’s animal life for signs of a sasquatch, the better your chances are.

What information have you compiled about sasquatch?

Sasquatch is a cryptid that has been documented in North America and also parts of Asia. Sasquatches are said to be ape-like, hairy humanoids that walk on two legs like a man but have feet more like a paw with toes instead of individual fingers. The legend of sasquatches extends back many centuries and there are countless reports from all over the world about sightings of these creatures made by both native peoples and white settlers.

I’ve heard many different opinions on what sasquatch is and what he might be. Turns out, there have been quite a few myths surrounding the topic that people think are true but aren’t always true. There are also some facts that seem to have been exaggerated over time. Here’s some quick information about sasquatch that I’ve compiled from a number of sources:

Myths and Fables

The following are just a few of the myths that have been told about sasquatch:

Sasquatch is a type of human. A men in black program from the government makes sasquatches in the woods and they’re too smart to be killed by man. They’re reptilian aliens spying on us. Sasquatch’s have supernatural powers. They are shape changers and see into the future or past. Sasquatch has psychic powers. People can talk to them. They’re the spirit of a dead Native American that returns to earth every 30 years in an attempt to get revenge on white men for their activities with his tribe. They want our land and protection from hunters then move on, maybe into another part of the country. He’s a forest spirit or animal that will ward off evil spirits when approached well and leave things untouched as they were left till you leave or he takes them himself. He’s just a local legend with no evidence behind it at all, which was used in one of the last tricks people believed in, at least until recently. There is some evidence to back up most of these, but there is also a lot of evidence to disprove them as well, according to bigfoot researchers!

The following are some facts about Bigfoot that you probably already know:

The average height for males ranges from six feet to seven feet tall, and the average weight is between 250-800 pounds. An estimated size nine shoe would be almost too small for a sasquatch’s foot. They have an odor that is commonly described as “a musty, human-like smell with a pungent, sweet tang”. They are mostly carnivores. They usually eat nuts, berries, and small animals such as squirrels and mice. They also search out bigger prey such as elk and deer. They are very cautious when it comes to the presence of humans, even though they have been known to attack people. Sasquatches are mostly nocturnal and tend to move during dawn or dusk hours when it is cooler outside.

What do you think caused the sasquatch legend to start?

The sasquatch legend is likely the result of a combination of many things. Many native people associate hairy apes with a sort of shapeshifter, supernatural being, and the legends extend back that far. Modern researchers have also proposed that distorted reports from early settlers about native peoples such as the Haida could have been misinterpreted by others to create reports of larger, more ape-like figures. It’s possible that some sasquatch sightings may be misidentifications of other animals such as bears but there are enough accounts and physical evidence for most experts to believe these creatures exist beyond simple myths and tall tales.

Could humans ever make contact with sasquatches?

There have been reports of humans speaking/communicating to bigfoots in some manner. But this is very rare and even harder to prove. Not to mention that there is no way of knowing if the sasquatches have developed any type of language or means of communication.

What most scientists think is that the bigfoots might be so different from us, because they have lived in an isolated geographic area for so long, that their evolution has changed them drastically. It’s possible that they can’t communicate information at all with other beings in some way. The only way to know for sure would be by having encounters close enough for scientists to observe details like teeth, hair color, and other features and then being able to compare those data points with known creatures on earth.

How can I see sasquatch?

Many people believe that sasquatches are out there, but they don’t know where to look. Since these creatures often live out in their own territories, they may be more likely to be seen when you least expect them rather than on a trip to the forest. In other words, it’s extremely hard to preplan. If you just want to see one of them, it’s the nighttime because they are most active at twilight. Observe the ground and sky for unusual activity. Sasquatch is believed to live in very remote areas. Since the creature’s habitat cannot be reached by humans, experts suggest that you should not try to hunt for sasquatch or look for it yourself. Since there are no known specimens, there is no way of knowing just how the animal looks or what its diet and behavior patterns. If you come across a sasquatch, you should run and scare it away; do not try to capture or kill it.

How dangerous is sasquatch?

Each report of sasquatch encounters stresses the same thing: this creature is easily provoked and will attack without warning or provocation. According to some reports, they are capable of climbing trees and even swim. They are also known to be almost impossible to kill. If you see one, you should not confront it. You should either stand still and hope for the best or run away as fast as you can. No one is sure if the sasquatch can swim, but experts agree that it would be dangerous to encounter one in deep water.

Sadly, there are researchers who believe hikers campers, etc. who have gone missing, may have been victims of bigfoot. Missing hikers, campers, etc. are sometimes found in a torn-up condition. These researchers think that bigfoot tore them up. [They have been reported killed by bigfoot, but the bodies have not been found.], These researchers assert that victims of this creature are not rare. Victims of bigfoot [according to these researchers] don’t disappear. They are known to be badly mauled, mutilated, torn apart or they go missing in a semi-unconscious state after being attacked by this creature. Victims sometimes die after being attacked by bigfoot. The great majority of these incidents go unreported because people don’t understand what they saw and/or didn’t get their story straight because it was too traumatic to talk about it.

What do you think it is?

I think that sasquatches are a product of evolution. They must be similar to humans in some ways, especially since everyone who has met one describes them as having a human-like intelligence. The DNA of sasquatches cannot possibly be 100% different from humans, so they must have evolved in some way that makes them look incredibly different. I believe that the sasquatch is similar to us but bigger and hairier. I believe that it can run faster than we can. I believe that it can make technical improvements over time. I believe that it is a living creature just like humans, dogs, and cats, etc.

What do you think about the sasquatch?

I think that there are four possibilities: 1) It exists, but has never been proven by science. 2) It does not exist in the scientific sense of the word. 3) It does exist but most people have never seen it because they have not been looking for it.



  • “Jumping” has been said to be part of their movement.
  • Be alert at all times. Even in your own backyard, you could be surprised by a sasquatch. Look for evidence of sasquatch activity. If you find a footprint, it would be wise to report it to the police or local forest service.
  • It has been documented in almost every single country in the world

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