Where Bigfoot has been spotted

Where Bigfoot has been spotted? The video footage? The sightings? The map of its historical distribution throughout North America? The reality is that there are many theories for the origins of Bigfoot, but few facts. No one knows conclusively what this creature is (or if it even exists at all). So why has Bigfoot captured the collective imagination for so long? Join us as we investigate some of history’s most popular theories about Bigfoot and try to figure out why this topic fascinates people.

This creature — the subject of so many legends and myths — is known around the globe by a variety of names, including Yeti, Sasquatch, Yowie, and Almas. There is no shortage of theories and speculation about this enigmatic creature (and its big and little cousins). But part of the reason Bigfoot has such a hold on our collective consciousness is that it defies easy explanation. The scientific community prefers the term “anomalous primate,” but this creature remains decidedly enigmatic.

Where Bigfoot has been sighted? In fact, there are over 200 different towns and cities all over the United States where people claim to have seen or heard Sasquatch. Some of these sightings are rather credible, while others are almost certainly hoaxes. In this post, we are going to take a look at some of the more credible reports of Bigfoot sightings and talk about what we know about this elusive cryptid. 

First, I would like to say that I am not a firm believer that Bigfoot is real, but I do think that it is unlikely that all of these sightings and stories are just hoaxes or misidentifications. Some of these cases are very credible and eyewitness accounts from people who would have no reason to make up stories about seeing a wild man-like creature in the forest.

Where Bigfoot has been spotted

In order to locate Bigfoot, we must first take a look at its habitat. Most sightings occur in remote areas away from human development, such as forests or deserts, or other wild places. In areas that are less populated by humans, it is easier for eyewitnesses to spot a Sasquatch. After all, there are fewer hunters in these areas and more deer and other wild animals for Bigfoot to eat. Bigfoot is nocturnal, which makes it difficult to spot during the day when people are active. That is why most sightings are reported at night.

The fact that Bigfoot tends to stay out of the way of people also makes it difficult to study. Most instances of eyewitness accounts are fleeting. The Bigfoot researchers and authors we’ve spoken to say the creature is shy and elusive, but this doesn’t mean it’s not out there. It just seems that most instances of Bigfoot sightings are reported by people who were in the area for other reasons. Hunters, hikers, campers, and fishermen are more likely to spot a Sasquatch because they spend a lot of time outdoors in parts of the country where the creature is most common.

How We Define Bigfoot: What Does It Mean to Be “Big-Footed?”
Your perception of Bigfoot as a large primate may come from the size of the footprints; those reported over hundreds of years give us an idea of how big this creature might be. But there are a few problems with this. For one, the sizes of the footprints vary greatly, from small to large. “We have no good idea of what the average size is,” says author Michael McLeod, who has been researching Bigfoot sightings for 20 years. “In fact, I think that because there is such a huge range in the footprints, it suggests that perhaps we’re not talking about one species here.”

Some researchers suggest that Bigfoot sightings may be attributable to a wide variety of animals — everything from orangutans and gorillas to manatees. Some say it could be a relict population of Gigantopithecus, an extinct species of ape once found in Southeast Asia. Other researchers look at the walking-stick phenomenon and suggest it may be an upright version of humans, possibly primitive man.

Where Bigfoot has been spotted/sighted the most?
Bigfoot sightings are said to be all over the place for years, but where has Bigfoot been spotted the most? A reported sighting of Bigfoot has been reported in nearly every state in the US, but some regions have more than others. Generally, any large area of woodlands/forest, where it has been reported on. Although cases of Bigfoot sightings are reported in every state, the most records of Bigfoot sightings are in the Pacific Northwest region of the US, which includes Alaska, Washington, and Oregon. The Pacific Northwest is popular due to its diverse scenery along with towns that have large amounts of woodlands/forest. Some states had more than one report of “Bigfoot” sightings, but these reports did not represent consistent locations for where sightings occurred.

So finally, what is Bigfoot? After all of this speculation, it might be time to say goodbye to the idea of Bigfoot. Although some people remain hopeful that this creature exists, they may want to consider the possibility that they are simply chasing after shadows. Or maybe Sasquatch is real after all. It’s difficult to know for sure, but one thing is certain: Bigfoot has had a profound impact on our culture and has endured in people’s imaginations for centuries. That’s why this creature continues to fascinate us even today.

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  1. In 2018 A.D. I was driving through the woods near a creek not far from a swamp near the Town of Pine Level, North Carolina within the County of Johnston. As I was driving I slowed down and was looking at the wild flowers on the side of the road.
    I stop the car on the shoulder of the road and started to get out when I suddenly felt like I was being watched, I decided to wait and stay in thr car. Then it happen through the woods I noticed a big head & face which looked like some type of gray blackish and white haired apish looking animal looking right at me from around a tree and I believe it was a large male it had dark eyes. Then looking around I saw others of these animals all standing very still making no sounds. One was a female holding a small one and two other small ones stood by her those two were staring at me. There was a musky scent in the air. What ever they were they were not bears. Even the two small ones and the mother with the exception of the little baby one which looked like a chimp, were all larger than any average human being.
    They all apeared to be some type of huge appe and they were not gorillas and these creatures looked nothing like humans.


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