Where Does Bigfoot Live

The allure, the mystery of Bigfoot encompasses many different factors. There are in fact many questions but only few true answers which can be justly verified. Questions such as when was the very first Bigfoot sighting recorded and how far back does Bigfoot appear within American Indian folklore can be for the most part correctly answered. Since the subject matter of Bigfoot is highly controversial to most people, there will be all types inquiries from the mainstream population demanding answers to them.

One of these controversial questions which comes up often is where does Bigfoot live? This is a very important question because to the Bigfoot skeptics it is one of the most important questions to be answered. Assuming that Bigfoot is a real animal then they must have a place to live in, to sleep in and to raise a family in. The point is, just like humans if Bigfoot truly exists it needs some type of shelter. The skeptics will say there is no Bigfoot therefore they don’t need or have any type of shelter because it’s nonexistent.

bigfoot structuresHowever having said that Bigfoot researchers around the world have a completely different opinion on the topic of where Bigfoot lives. At the moment there several popular theories from Bigfoot researchers on where does in fact Bigfoot live. One of the most popular if not the most popular is the hypotheses that Bigfoot lives in these self-made structures. These Bigfoot structures are usually made of bent over trees and branches forming a cocoon -like structure. These various cocoon -like structures have been discovered all throughout the world scattered among the woodlands. In fairness the skeptics would say these are simply made by humans, however Bigfoot investigators disagree.

One of the main reasons Bigfoot investigators disagree with the notion is quite often very heavy trees will be pulled out seemingly straight out of the ground. His branches and trees are then positioned into a tent like structure for shelter. This is something they argue that human beings cannot possibly do on their own without heavy equipment. There is simply too many of these Sasquatch structures which have been found to believe that humans are making them simply to hoax people.

Another theory which has been proposed is that Bigfoot actually lives underground. There is a small group of researchers who believe that there is a significant population of Bigfoot’s living underground in the forests. This is one of the reasons why they believe it is so hard to find Bigfoot’s and any of their remains. Basically after hunting for food they simply disappear to their underground shelter where assumedly their family and other Bigfoot’s await.

Another idea is that they live in caves which is very close to the idea of them living underground. Basically it is the same principle when they are done with whatever they’re doing they return to these deep caves and retire for the day. On a personal level I would tend to believe if there are Bigfoot’s it would most likely be that they either live in these caves and or build shelters; switching between them depending on their personal needs.

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