Why Do People Believe In Bigfoot

A question many have asked when it comes to bigfoot is why do people believe or want to believe in a creature such as Sasquatch. It’s a very good question, one with many possible reasons and rationales. When folks think about Sasquatch, it can seem like a silly idea to them. The question many have asked is why do some want to believe in this creature? There are several possible reasons for this and one of the most common includes not understanding science well enough themselves according to skeptics.

Herein lies a clue as to why so many people want to believe in bigfoot. They don’t understand science well enough and feel that they are being led by the mainstream media and others to discount anything they don’t understand or can’t prove. They feel that they are being bullied into believing only what they have been told by authority figures, yesteryear’s scientists, and other such big-name skeptics who seem to be able to offer up anything but proof. Skeptics say that no one has seen a bigfoot in person and it’s a hoax or it’s delusion. Yet, they can’t say why people, from all walks of life would want to make up such a large hoax. Why would someone go to such lengths? To understand why people want to believe in bigfoot you have to turn this around and look at it from the opposite point of view for a moment.

Today, many people around the world believe in Bigfoot’s existence. They say that Bigfoot sightings have been reported over several decades and across the United States. According to believers, these reports are proof that the creature exists. Mainstream scientists, however, say otherwise. In fact, they say that most Bigfoot sightings are nothing more than the work of hoaxers. They also say that many of the so-called Bigfoot sightings can be explained by normal phenomena such as: mistaken identity, hoaxes, and misidentification.

According to scientists, the idea that there is a creature like Bigfoot out there makes for interesting stories and great entertainment. Even though many people believe in Bigfoot’s existence, though, scientists say that there is not enough evidence to prove that he exists. Nonetheless, there are hundreds of eyewitness reports that describe Bigfoot. These stories include claims that the creature is hairy and walks upright, has an oversized head, and a very large body. According to witnesses, it climbs trees and moves silently through the woods. In some cases, people describe it as having an ape-like stance and a very long arm span. In addition to this particular description of Bigfoot’s physique, some people have also claimed that it has lighter colored hair on its body instead of grey/brown hair.

Why do some people on this planet want to believe that bigfoot exists? Why would they go to such extreme measures? What makes them so determined to believe in a creature such as bigfoot.

There are several possible reasons for believing that Sasquatch is real, namely:

Getting back to the original question, as stated before there are many reasons why folks believe in the legend of bigfoot. One big reason is simply folks want to believe there are things in life and this world we still do not know about. Things which are still beyond our comprehension and science. It is a belief in the unknown, paranormal and the supernatural. Topics such as ufos encounters, ghosts and of course the big guy himself bigfoot.

There are also folks who want to believe because they feel there is simply too much happening. Whether it’s all the bigfoot sightings reported yearly, or all the so-called evidence found (bigfoot footprints, DNA, hair/fur). According to these folks, there is an abundance of things which cannot be simply explained by the mundane. There is simply too many sightings and other kinds of “evidence” to not want to believe. Sightings around the world, there are reports of similar creatures that exist around the world. Bigfoot has been reported in Africa and Australia; some witnesses claim to have seen similar creatures in China.

Also, bigfoot and things of such nature have become more mainstream over the years and even trendy to a certain degree. Having said that, people tend to latch on to the trendy at least for a little while, esp. these days.  Sasquatch and the paranormal seems to go through cycles where the general public is fascinated by topic. Of course, during these times there are what seems like countless ufo/ghost/bigfoot sightings being reported!

There are also people who want to be part of a group or cause for whatever reason. The need to be part of something, many times to fill an empty void they may have in their life. Do not get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with that at all. So, a lot of these bigfoot groups/organizations can be appealing in many ways. In particular if you live around bigfoot hotspots, it’s hard to not to participate in some form or another, especially if you have any interest with Cryptozoology .

  • In the last few years alone there have been over 200 reports of bigfoot sightings and many of them have been made by reliable people or groups.
  • With the advent of shows like Bigfoot Live on Animal Planet and others, the public is starting to see that Sasquatch might in fact be real.
  • The third reason some might believe in Bigfoot is due to the fact that there is no other plausible answer to explain what they may or may not have experienced.
  • The last reason people might want to believe in bigfoot is due to the fact that there are so many reports and many testimonies by well known, and credible people. The list of witnesses who have seen Sasquatch or at least evidence of their existence is extensive and includes hundreds, if not thousands of names.

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