Yeti Costume

The wearing of costumes has become an important and expressive part of how we celebrate holidays and festivals today, for adults and especially for children. Costumes also provide as a way for children and adults alike to explore and role-play. Probably the most popular holiday, at least in the United States to wear costumes, would be Halloween and to a lesser extent other holidays, such as Christmas and Easter, think of the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus.

Typically, Christmas and Easter costumes portray the mythological characters Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny by putting on a big fat man suit with a white beard for Christmas and a cute fuzzy bunny costume for Easter.

Halloween costumes traditionally portray the typical supernatural creatures and monsters such as ghosts, Dracula, Demons, Angels and even the legendary Bigfoot, also known as the Yeti! Yes believe it or not, the yeti costume is a popular Halloween costume item, especially among the adults. Considering that mostly adults are interested in Bigfoot and actually hunt Bigfoot, it makes sense that they would be interested in buying Bigfoot/yeti costumes.

Yeti-CostumeRealistic Bigfoot Yeti costumes come in all different styles, colors and sizes; they are made for adults and children alike. The best sellers though are the adult sizes, dark colors and the two piece costumes. Other popular styles are the one piece costumes with the lighter shade hair coloring, more of the snow beast look also known as the abominable snowman.

For the more hard-core Bigfoot yeti fans, there even costumes with muscle added, giving the impression of a more realistic look to the Bigfoot yeti costumes. They will cost you more, but they look much more real, and these can range into the hundreds of dollars. In fact one well known company’s yeti costume was used in the nationwide hoax that fooled many people into thinking it was a real Bigfoot, until the hoax was finally

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  1. I think this is a great idea for Halloween. Not too many people dare to wear a bigfoot or yeti costume but i think this is cool. It looks real that it might be a good costume to use for pranks. lol.


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