Yeti Snowman

Whether you have a fascination with cryptozoology or you simply love monster stories, you will find that your information is going to be flawed unless you are familiar with the yeti! The yeti, which is also known as the abominable snowman in the west, is a monster that inhabits the furthest reaches of the mountains and the forests. It is a common feature in many different mythologies, folk tales and urban legends, and though reports of these creatures have surfaced at routine points throughout the past few hundred years, there has never been positive proof that these creatures actually exist.

When looking at the yeti, it is often described as having a shape a great deal like an ape, though it is seen to walk on two feet rather than four, making it human like as well. They occur in stories and rumors throughout the Himalayan regions of Nepal and Tibet, and they are variously called the yeti, the meh-teh, the murka or the mi-go. Though these names all have different meanings, they all seem to refer to the same beast.

Yeti-Snowman-footprintsThe first mention of the yeti in Western literature might have occurred in 1832, when the experiences of an explorer in northern Nepal were published. Though the explorer himself did not see the animal, his guides saw a creature that walked on two feet and was covered in hair. Though this was the first account, it was by no means the last, and as more and more Westerners sought to climb the high peaks of the Himalayas, the number of sightings has increased. Some of these Yeti sightings have reported only seeing yeti tracks, while others have glimpsed a tall figure that seemed to be something between a man and an ape.

It is interesting to note the grasp that the yeti continues to have on our culture and our imagination. As recently as 2004, a noted editor of the journal Nature remarked that if it was only so recently that we discovered Homo floresiensis has survived to such modern times, there may be some merit to further investigation of the yeti myths and stories.
Many people also note the resemblance of the yeti with regards to how much it seems to resemble America’s Bigfoot or Sasquatch in lore and behavior. In both cases, there are many incidents of the creature being spotted and the tracks seen, but no positive proof has been discovered.

There are many explanations for the yeti and what people believe they have seen. Some explanations include a variety of Langur monkey, the Himalayan brown bear, and the Tibetan blue bear. Some people also believe that the yeti might be a human hermit. Take a moment to examine your own beliefs. The yeti is a fascinating topic and many people find that it deserves much more than a second glance.

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  1. Great article!! I always enjoy reading about the Yeti. I’m more of a Bigfoot researcher, but this is very close.


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