YouTube November 17 Russian Bigfoot Video

One of latest Bigfoot videos out of Russia has been released to YouTube for everyone to debate over.  The video in question allegedly depicts an unidentified figure which a couple of men believe is the legendary Bigfoot running across a snowy road in the darkness of night. The video of course is reminiscent of most recordings of Bigfoot which is low-quality, this one happens to be from a dashcam. The dashcam video is supposed to have been recorded in the Republic of Bashkortostan, between the Ural Mountains and the Volga River near Russia’s border with Kazhakstan.

The purported Bigfoot video was posted on YouTube November 17 and already has amassed thousands of views and has been covered by the news agencies across Russia and Europe. Apparently as the men were talking in the car as they were driving down the snowy road suddenly a blurry figure appears in front of them. The creature is observed by the men running from right to left within the range of the car’s headlights which caused the men to stop their vehicle immediately to investigate.

November 17 Russian Bigfoot VideoThe friends were driving 22 miles from the nearest village, nearby to Mount Bolshoy Iremel with an elevation of 5,213 feet. One of the men was quoted as saying “Maybe it is somebody’s joke, but who would do it in such a remote place at night? Whether or not it was a Bigfoot hoax it makes for a very interesting story. The news of the alleged abominable snowman made it to Russian TV channel NTV, which broadcast the headline: “Mysterious creature resembling yeti scared tourists in Bashkirian forest.”

Russia in general is known as a Bigfoot/yeti/abominable snowman hotspot, somehow I don’t believe this will be the last sighting of this type of creature. Whether or not these are all hoaxes is the true question for someone to finally answer one day. Sadly just like so many other Bigfoot pictures and videos this is very bad quality. From the stills which were made available from the actual video the alleged Bigfoot could practically be anything. I have also seen the actual video and to me honestly it appears to be a man in some type of suit simply running across the road for some reason. Is it a hoax, probably and do the men in the car know about it, probably not.

  • One report stated “the yeti was covered in white-colored hair.”
  • The Russian Press have taken into consideration another possibility that the figure was actually a wild-animal poacher on the run from law enforcement.

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