Ray Wallace

Raymond L. “Ray” Wallace or simply known as Ray Wallace (April 21, 1918 – November 26, 2002) was an infamous (regarded as a hoaxer of Bigfoot pictures as well as movies) Bigfoot investigator. Wallace was born in Clarksdale, Missouri.

He was employed as a logger for the majority of his lifetime, and also in the construction industry, doing work on roads all through the majority of Washington, Oregon and also California. He served in the Armed Forces in the course of The Second World War as an aircraft gunner. Wallace ultimately settled down in Toledo, Washington in 1961.

In Aug 1958, the Humboldt Times of Eureka, CA, was the first to use the term “Bigfoot” within their story about a series of large footprints discovered by an employee (bulldozer operator Jerry Crew) of Wallace’s Humboldt County construction company (owned and operated by Ray). The 16 inches long footprints were humanoid like having a 46 to 60 inch gait, just about double of most individuals.

Subsequent footprint findings along with other unusual occurrences resulted in the account being spoken about across the nation and Bigfoot was subsequently brought to the masses. Wallace furthermore alleged to have assisted with the Patterson-Gimlin shoot of the legendary Bigfoot. Wallace informed Strange Magazine copy writer Mark Chorvinsky, that it was him that advised Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin where exactly to search for Bigfoot throughout their Bluff Creek expedition in Oct 1967.

Ray WallaceRay proclaimed to have taped a great deal of Bigfoot film footage. Estimates have varied everything from 6,000 to 15,000 ft. Of 16mm film, this in turn adds up to several hours of film footage, consisting of Bigfoot hurling rocks, feeding on frogs, and so on. Wallace maintains that his films, photos and tapes are authentic. None of the alleged films have surfaced since his death.

Following Wallace’s passing away of heart failure in November 2002, his son Michael exposed that Wallace ended up being in possession of big wooden feet, which in turn resulted in a short-lived media storm. It was subsequently proposed by Wallace’s family members that Wallace employed these kinds of wood made feet in order to press large footprints all around northern California as some sort of prank. Wallace passed away within a Centralia, Washington elderly care facility at the age of 84.

  • Wallace, made use of photographs, fraudulent footprints, and Sasquatch/Bigfoot sightings to persuade a number of people that Bigfoot was genuine, however his family members reveal it had been all a hoax.
  • Ray Wallace’s household remembers him as being a prankster
  • His family affirms Wallace instructed a good friend to carve 16 in. ft wooden feet, then he and his brother put on them to leave massive footprints on to the ground at his Ca construction business in 1958.
  • Jerry Crew was a bulldozer operator who actually created what’s thought to be the very first cast associated with an alleged Bigfoot footprint at Bluff Creek in 1958 that consequently gave popularity towards the name “bigfoot”. The uncovering of these footprints accompanied evenings of disruptions of equipment throughout the construction site at Louse Camp. All Staff had been hired by Ray Wallace during the time.

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