Roger Patterson Bigfoot Film

Do you think the now infamous Roger Patterson film is authentic film evidence of a Bigfoot, also known as a Sasquatch? The Roger Patterson film can be a very tricky subject to discuss; it invokes deep feelings within Bigfoot believers and nonbelievers alike! The Patterson film (pgf film) from 1967 has still never been proven to be faked at least two hard-core Bigfoot advocates and may never will. Having said that most mainstream scientists believe it’s just a man in a monkey suit. Attempted recreations using modern techniques have been just horrible according to Bigfoot supporters. It is still considered the best proof of the creature’s authenticity to date, it is the gold standard in Bigfoot evidence.


The Patterson-Gimlin film or simply the Patterson film is a short motion picture of an unidentified subject walking across a clearing filmed on October 20, 1967 by Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin who claimed the motion picture was a genuine recording of a living breathing female Bigfoot. It is believed to be a female Bigfoot because the subject in the film appears to have breasts. The notorious grainy footage has been subjected to countless attempts to both debunk and authenticate it. Patterson chose the area due to intermittent reports of the creatures in the past and of their enormous footprints near there since 1958.

A number of qualified scientists after inspection have judged the motion picture a hoax with a man in an ape suit, but other scientists have contended the movie depicts an animal unknown to science, or cryptid, claiming it would be virtually impossible for a human to replicate the subject’s ape suit, gait and muscle movements. Patterson initially estimated the creature’s/Patty’s height (Patty is the name given to the alleged Bigfoot in the film by Patterson believers) at six and one-half to seven feet, and later raised his estimate to about seven and one-half feet.

Roger Patterson’s friend and business associate, Robert Gimlin, has always denied being involved in any part of a possible hoax with Patterson and claims that he and his partner had encountered a genuine Bigfoot. To this day Robert Gimlin has said he was not knowingly involved in a deception however leaves a slight chance it might have been a hoax. Patterson said he became fascinated in Bigfoot after reading an article about the creature by Ivan Sanderson in True magazine in December 1959. Roger Patterson died of Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 1972, still swearing to the authenticity of his Bigfoot film.

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  1. I think it might both be true: Robert Gimlin thinking it was real, but in fact being a hoax. What if a friend of Gimlin was joking around or wanted to help him? Knowing, in which areas Gimlin would would look for Bigfoot he might have disguised in a funny dress and gave Gimlin some (big) footage…

    • Jerry yes that’s a possibility, but a lot of people will argue the point that it was impossible to make such a realistic ape suit in the 1960’s. Its one of the biggest signs of proof for the Roger Patterson film bigfoot believers, they will claim we did not have the technology and the know how back then, to create such a vivid, lifelike monkey suit.

  2. O my gosh I love big foot so much. I saw him in the the woods when I went hiking with my bff. I have a pic of big foot ?????????????????????????????????????????????.

  3. Look at his rear end, or lack of it. Large primates have large buts, this creature has none. In fact a portion of the fabric on the lower back lifts up as he stumbles on his cadence around the time he looks at the camera.


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