Is Sasquatch Real

There have been numerous television shows, movies, and newspaper articles’ wondering is Bigfoot real. It is tough to say yes or no to such a question.

What can be said is that there have been sightings of a proposed Bigfoot or Sasquatch in every single continent on earth with the exception of Antarctica. It makes you wonder whether or not there is such a thing as Bigfoot, and if so, why is the ape-like creature so elusive?

Bigfoot has been spotted all over the globe, and there have been tales of a supposed Bigfoot for hundreds of years. While the name “Bigfoot” is fairly recent (1958), the tales of the giant hairy creature have been the stuff of legends for centuries. Many of the early Bigfoot stories were told to entertain children, but with almost every single population in the world having some sort of Bigfoot tale, it makes one wonder whether or not there is an entire race of wildmen which we are not completely aware of.

Is Bigfoot RealMost Bigfoot sightings in the United States have happened in the Pacific Northwest. Washington State has had more Bigfoot sightings in their Mount Saint Helens area than any other region of the United States. Still, there have been numerous sightings all across the United States, mostly contained to wooded, rocky areas of the country where there is less likelihood for human habitation.

While many scientists don’t put much stock in the idea of a Bigfoot, others are not quite as skeptical of the existence of such a large primate. While the climates of the Pacific Northwest are not conducive to many primates’ habitat needs, who is to say whether or not there is a species of primate which has adapted to the conditions throughout not only the Pacific Northwest, but also the rest of the world?

There has been considerable evidence of Bigfoot throughout history. There have been numerous photographs taken of a large, hairy primate. These sightings and photographs put Bigfoot anywhere from 6-10 feet tall. Large footprints have also been found in areas where there have been Bigfoot sightings. The most notable Sasquatch tracks were discovered by construction worker Gerald Crew in California in 1958. When he discussed the tracks with others, they were uninterested, so Crew took plaster casts of the footprints and sent them to a friend to be analyzed. Pictures of Crew holding the casts then hit the local paper, and locals started calling the unknown creature Bigfoot. Since then, Bigfoot is a commonly accepted name for this mysterious species of ape.

When it comes to the question, “is bigfoot real“, it is hard to give a definitive answer. While no remains have ever been found of such a large primate, it doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Scientist Jane Goodall was notoriously unconvinced that there was no such thing as Bigfoot, making more people wonder about the possibility of a giant, apelike creature roaming the earth. What we can say is that there have been photographs documented so-called Bigfoots, but scientists usually shrug off the photographic and video evidence, claiming a hoax or misidentification of another animal species. Still, with all the sightings of Bigfoots throughout the world, it is hard to dismiss the idea that such a creature exists.

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  1. why don’t you just get some scientist to follow big foots trail and report back what they find then report back to the other scientist to see the proof if big foot real or not

  2. i think he is real because i believe in the supernatural/extraterrestrial.i believe in this because one night at my uncles house i was watching tv and all the sudden i see this bloody cut up old man in the corner of the living was stareing at me so i woke up my uncle and all the sudden it disappears.

  3. The easiest way i think is for someone to catch the Skunk Ape, Grab a blood sample from it and then compare the blood sample to a bigfoot hair sample that bigfoot researchers got not that long ago…

  4. Yes my friends, these beings do exist. I was 11 years old at my grandfathers farm in Carollton, OH. The year was 1973. There were only two bedrooms in the mobile home that we kept on the farm. My sister would usually sleep in the back bedroom, my parents on the living room floor, and myself in the side bedroom. There was also a cottage on the property that we use to stay in, but we didn’t sleep in the cottage when my grandparents were also visiting. For the several years we had been camping there, we use to hear very loud noises of what sounded like wood cracking on the side of the hill? Sometime you would hear what sounded like a someone walking through the underbrush. From time to time we would also hear a ‘wooping’ sound, but we just figured it was an owl. I didn’t like walking around the property at night unless I was accompanied by someone, so if everyone was inside, I was inside with them. It was around 9:00 or 10:00 pm that I was in the side bedroom playing with my Hotwheels cars when I heard what sounded something brushing up against the back side of the trailer? I went out in the living room area to see if anyone else had hear/felt what I did? My parents asked me what I was up to? They heard the sound, but thought it was something I was doing. I told them it was something outside the trailer, and that the sound came from the side and top of the trailer. They looked at me as though I was imagining things, and told me that it was time to go to sleep, which I assure you took me quite a long time… lol! I don’t recall what time it was, but it must have been around 3:00 am, maybe a little later that I was awakened by a thudding sound coming from the side of the trailer, just under the window. I sat up on the edge of the bed and thought that I should go to the entrance door to the trailer, and make sure it was locked. I walk into the living room where my parents were sleeping, I stopped at the door and then reached out with my hand to push down the latch to lock the door. As soon as I pulled my hand away, the door lever began to turn! Up and down it went slowly… Up, down, up, down. Pause… Up, down, up, down. Pause longer… Up, down. I was so scared that I could not move, nor could I make a sound to awaken my parents. I looked over at them on the floor, but I didn’t dare move for fear that whatever was outside the door would hear me make a move.

    Thoughts that were going through my mind:
    1. There is NO WAY any person would be on this property!
    2. It’s miles from the nearest town, and you can’t reach the property at night without a 4×4 and a ton of lighting. Even then, no one would ever attempt it as they would be seen and hear in the process.
    3. Who would want to break into a crappy looking mobile home that a hosts a well armed occupant?
    4. What is this ‘person’ being so stealthy about opening the door?
    5. It has to be a man since the outside handle in round.

    It wasn’t but a matter of maybe a minute that I could smell what I can only describe as a bad hamburger smell, feces, body odor, and cheese. It was so bad that I had to continue breathing through my mouth… It was so bad that I could almost taste it! I stood like a statue staring at that door until for what had to be at least 2 or more hours until the daylight broke through the kitchen area windows. I lived to go to my grandpas farm! It was a ‘rite of passage’ for my cousins, friends, and family I think… After that night, I never visited there again.

    I’ve done a lot of research on these beings, and I have come to believe that these beings can be extremely dangerous! I believe they inherently hunt select humans as they would any other live food source. In nearly every case where a Sasquatch (not ‘Squatch’) was said to have been pacing one of more people, there was in nearly ever case at least one child and/or woman in the party. I also believe that they do not stalk men because they associate men with firearms. There are numerous accounts not only by Indian tribesman, but also modern day people who have literally disappeared in broad daylight! This position will certainly upset the liberal researcher, but I don’t really don’t give a crap. These humanoids are wild, but most importantly, they are an apex predator without rival!

  5. Two Tone, ‘Great story’, I sometimes think they may hurt or take you away but most of the storys I read are always non aggressive encounters. Hope oneday we will know for sure…

  6. Look big foot doesn’t exist. There’s no such thing as hairy monsters. You people that are seeing these things are either high or have too much time on your hands. Just stop it already!!!!! What kind of weirdos are you??

  7. If bigfoot is real then, why won’t you reality shows shoot one for evidence. Then chase after it, (bf) an catch one for real. Instead of running away from your so called bigfoot findings…

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