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Whitehall, New York (a village and a town in Washington County, New York.  Both are on the Vermont border at the south end of Lake Champlain and lie between Lake Champlain and Lake George ) has been called the birthplace of the U. S. Navy, but is also famous for having a long history of reporting’s and sightings of alleged Bigfoot’s going all the way back to Indian folklore.

Even though it’s a small township on the eastern border of New York’s Adirondack Mountain Preserve, it’s been considered by Bigfoot researchers and hunters alike of being somewhat of a hotspot for North American Bigfoot activities.

The elusive Bigfoot/Sasquatch has been spotted in Whitehall dozens of times between 1959 and the present, according to a local Bigfoot researcher there are several sightings every year. In fact, the village board has taken this so much to heart, they have actually approved a resolution that makes it illegal to hunt the Bigfoot creature, so no Bigfoot hunting expeditions in Whitehall allowed.

Whitehall-BigfootThe town board approved the resolution without considerable discussion after a motion by Councilman Bruce Angus and a second from Councilman Stephen Lane. The resolution warns against “the willful premeditated act of killing” a Bigfoot.

The town board unanimously approved a protecting ordinance against harming or killing a Sasquatch, only the third municipal body to ever pass an ordinance for a creature that still has not been proven to even exist.

Although for the record, “I think it’s going to be a good thing for tourism and publicity, It can’t hurt.” Supervisor Vernon Scribner said.

Profiled on the show MonsterQuest (the History channel), “the Monster of Whitehall” the Bigfoot creature reportedly stands 7 to 8 feet tall, strange high pitch screaming, walks like a gorilla hunched over.  Several police officers reported a Bigfoot sighting in 1976, and the original officers have recently passed polygraph tests, for the show.

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  1. Hi,
    I just want to start by saying , I’m a real person and name withheld for personal reasons.
    I live in Granville NY, not to far from Whitehall. I work as a NYS Correctional Officer.

    I am an avide hunter and outdoors man. I have been hunting on Black Mountain all this year during northern zone. I have been hearing noises like someone or something is taking a log and pounding a tree with it, also I have heard several screeches as I hunt. The most awful feeling is , I feel someone or something watching me everytime I go into this one particular section of the woods.
    I know what coy dogs and every other animal sounds like , but I have never heard the banging or this one particular screech before.

  2. Just south of Whitehall in NW Pennsylvania back in 2007 a hunter with a game camera accidentally photographed a juvenile Sasquatch. Scientists reenacted the scenario by taking the picture again with a model to determine the size. They discovered it had the shape of a chimpanzee! As always of coarse the skeptics claim it was a bear but the torso was too short and the limbs too long.

  3. In 1902 manned flight was science fiction, a year later it was reality, and 67 years later man stepped on the moon.. Don’t discount anything.

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