Sasquatch Pics

Skeptics often suggest that if Sasquatch truly exists, there would be pics of them. There are photos that exist that have not been able to be debunked according to Bigfoot researchers. While it is true that these photos are from a distance and lack detail, why would so many different people from different walks of life want to go to all of the trouble needed to perpetrate a hoax? Zoologists are still discovering species that were previously unknown, so why not Bigfoot? Each person will have to look at the photos and decide for him or herself what they believe. In the meantime, more photos and films show up.

With the exception of the Patterson video, most photos seem to be indistinct at best. The still photos from the Patterson video of 1967 seem to be the most detailed. These are the most famous shots of a Sasquatch. One of the oldest photos is from the 1950s on black and white film. Some show a bipedal creature clearly enough to see it is dark and covered with fur, while others could be landscape features that resembled a creature from a distance. The photos that show the figure in action depict a creature with a heavily muscled body, long arms and a long stride.

The hips seem to be distinctly similar to humans in shape and movement. Specialists who studied the Patterson film have also commented that the way the muscles were used as the creature moved was definitely not the same as a human. The head seems to rest squarely on large shoulders without a discernible neck. The color of the fur seems to range from dark brown to almost black. Many of the better-known photos have been studied by zoologists, primate specialists and other scientists who are well versed in the movements and anatomy of primates. Many have not wanted to believe what they have seen, but few have debunked the photos outright. At least this is the narrative Bigfoot advocates would have us believing in.

sasquatch-picsThese photos do have some common threads. They all appear to be in rugged country where there are very few if any visitors. Photos and films have been taken in northern California, Washington, Oregon, Kentucky, Texas, Florida and Missouri as well as the western half of Canada. Most seem to be taken in deciduous or evergreen forest areas, often with steep hilly terrain. A few have been taken in winter, although the terrain is still difficult to traverse. From the descriptions of these areas, they are many miles from the closest roads.

Most photos seem to have been taken in the height of summer, judging from the foliage on the trees and shrubs. Unless the Sasquatch is in open country, this time of year makes it difficult to discern the details of the animal due to the effects of light and shadow. The few that have captured the Sasquatch in winter make it easier to see the form of the body and how the creature moves, though at the distance these photos and videos were taken details were obscured. None of the Sasquatch photos seems to have been taken during inclement weather.

It would seem that while Bigfoot sightings continue to occur, it is extremely rare for anyone to get close enough with a camera to get detailed Sasquatch pics. Those that seem more detailed are usually denounced as hoaxes for one reason or another.

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