Can Bigfoot be killed?

There are a lot of questions surrounding this question, and the most important one is whether or not Bigfoot can actually be killed. The fact of the matter is that there are a lot of skeptics out there who believe that Bigfoot can never die, simply due to the fact that it doesn’t exist. However, there are also those who not only believe that Bigfoot’s exist, but they can actually be killed as well. The people who believe the creature can be wounded and even killed genuinely believe Sasquatch is a flesh and blood animal.

They believe the creature is a flesh and blood animal just like any other living thing in the wilderness with all the same needs and vulnerabilities. Just like any other animal in the woodlands they need sustenance, and shelter. And just like these other animals they need food and protective shelter from danger in order to survive or they will expire/pass on. Simply put Bigfoot can die from lack of nutrients, shelter or even killed by human beings just like any other animal in the wild. However, having said that Bigfoot seems to be a much harder animal to hunt, track and capture or kill. Because regardless of all the Bigfoot killed stories out there not one dead body has been officially presented for scientific examination and has passed as the real deal. Sure, there have been a lot of stories out there and presentations but nothing has passed the mustard yet officially.

“Can Bigfoot be killed?” No, it is not a joke. This is the question that is on everyone’s lips these days and there is a lot of controversy over whether or not it can be killed. What is the truth? The great mystery of Bigfoot is that there are several documented cases that have occurred in the past where the creature has been killed, often by humans. The question is are these cases authentic or merely fakes, hoaxes or simply miss interpretation of events by people.

Now on the other side of the spectrum you have people who believe Bigfoot is a paranormal creature or being of some type. They actually believe Bigfoot can’t be killed. According to their beliefs Sasquatch could be one of numerous types of paranormal entities out there. For example, many believe Sasquatch is a type of alien/extraterrestrial, another popular theory is it’s a type of ghost or phantom. Regardless of the theory, one thing remains constant which is the special abilities Bigfoot must possess in order to survive and thrive according to these folks.

According to this fraction, Bigfoot possesses special abilities which enable it to do things like walk through walls and trees, turn invisible at will, be impervious to bullets (with the exception of silver bullets), teleport, and/or be immune to most every known disease. But what about the debilitating effects of something like rabies or a violent bacterial infection? It can’t be that because they’ll tell you that Bigfoot is immortal. It can’t die no matter what!

According to them if you were to stab a Bigfoot with a weapon like a knife, or if you shot the creature with all of your ammunition it would not die. They would have no problem telling you that as the days, weeks or months passed the supposed infected wound would scab over and heal up just like any other wound. On the surface these theories may sound ludicrous but in actuality many people believe this stuff. Even more disturbing are those who actually search for Bigfoot. Those who seek to find and kill these creatures have one goal in mind: They plan on butchering one of them in order to remove its head, hands or feet and show evidence of their kill on the internet as proof it’s real.

No matter what you choose to believe about Bigfoot, the fact is that there are numerous nonconformist scientists who believe in the idea that the creature is alive and that it has a very real presence in the world. In the end, if there really was a Bigfoot, then I would assume that they could take a lot of punishment and would be difficult to kill especially unarmed. When it comes to the Bigfoot creature attacking humans, the truth is that very few attacks have ever been reported. The Bigfoot creature is considered to be harmless in general and doesn’t pose a danger to humans unless they are extremely unlucky. If you live in an area where Bigfoots allegedly lives, it’s important to know that you’re not at risk of an attack or being eaten by a Bigfoot. So why try killing it?

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  1. While many people may wonder if there are ways to kill a Bigfoot, others have already done this. The government grabs the body or denies the evidence .

    • There are also some people who believe that the Bigfoot is a monster and therefore cannot be killed. I personally believe that as well.


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